Chapter 4 Notes from Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 4

Janie and Logan have been married about a year now and things are not going well. Logan wants Janie to help more around the house and with the work that needs to be done, like cutting the wood. He says that he and Janie's grandma spoiled her rotten and that is why she feels she doesn't have to do that much work. He says he is going into town to see about buying a second mule, implying that this mule will be for Janie to work with. Janie is left to cut the potatoes in the barn.

While Janie is cutting the potatoes, she hears whistling coming from down the street. She looks into the distance and sees a stylishly dressed man. She is attracted to this man and his expensive, "citified" look. She pulls on the water pump really hard so that he'll notice her and he does. He comes over, asks for a drink, and introduces himself as Joe Starks. They talk for a while and he tells Janie that he came down to Florida from Georgia because he heard about a new town that is being built. This town is supposed to be built and run all by black people. He says that he saved up $300 to go down there with plans to become a big voice in the town. He tells Janie how he never had a voice (a "sayso") because all of his life, white people never allowed him to, but now he finally will.

Janie and Joe talk for a while. He tells her that she shouldn't be cutting potatoes. He makes her feel special and feel like she deserves more than what Logan is providing .. He gets intimate and tells her to call him "Jody." He asks Janie to be his wife and to leave for the town with him in the morning; he wants her to meet him at the gate. Joe doesn't represent the marriage that Janie wants, the kind that feels like what it's like to be under a pear tree, but he does represent a change in lifestyle:

"Janie pulled back a long time because he did not represent sun-up and pollen and blooming trees, but he spoke for far horizon. He spoke for change and chance." Chapter 4, pg. 28

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Janie talks about it that night with Logan while they are in bed. She tells Logan that she might leave him and he tells her that she would be back soon enough anyway.

The next morning, Janie is in the kitchen making breakfast. Logan tells her to come out to the barn and help him move manure. She says no and they exchange words. Logan threatens to kill her with his ax. This is the turning point for Janie and what makes her ready to leave him. She runs outside, throws off her apron, and goes to meet Jody. Jody and Janie are married before sundown and he buys her fancy clothes made of silk and wool. Janie feels like she has finally found the man to satisfy her.

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