Chapter 16 Notes from Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 16

The season ends on the muck and people leave. Janie and Tea Cake decide to stay for another season. Janie meets Mrs. Turner, a black woman with white features. Mrs. Turner looks, acts, and wants to be white. She only talks to Janie because Janie looks a little bit white too. Mrs. Turner doesn't understand how Janie could marry Tea Cake, being that he is so black. They talk for a while about whites and blacks. Mrs. Turner doesn't like black people and Janie is confused by her attitude. Mrs. Turner suggests that Janie marry her brother, a carpenter.

Mrs. Turner leaves and Janie realizes that Tea Cake has been home the whole time listening to their conversation. He isn't happy with what Mrs. Turner said about him and black people in general. He tells Janie that he doesn't want her coming to their house again.

Tea Cake sees Mr. Turner and his son on the street. He tells Mr. Turner to tell his wife that Janie is a busy woman and has no time for visitors. Tea Cake thinks Mr. Turner is controlled by his wife.

Mrs. Turner continues to come and visit Janie. Because Janie looks whiter than she does, Mrs. Turner thinks that Janie is better than her. Being around Janie makes her feel whiter.

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