Chapter 14 Notes from Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 14

They arrive in the Everglades on the muck and Janie is overwhelmed by it all. Everything is so big to her. Tea Cake goes to see about getting a job and his boss tells him that there are houses down by the lake. Tea Cake and Janie go and get one of the houses; Janie makes it a home while Tea Cake works planting beans. While they're waiting for bean picking time, Tea Cake suggests that he teach Janie how to shoot a gun. They practice a lot and Janie eventually shoots better than Tea Cake.

Life on the muck is exciting. They pick beans during the day, and sing, dance, and gamble at night. Tea Cake plays his guitar, makes jokes, and his house becomes the meeting house on the muck.

Tea Cake tells Janie that he is lonely without her all day while he is in the fields and she is at home. He asks her to come and work with him in the fields. She says yes and they enjoy each other's company working together. The other workers enjoy Janie's company, too.

Janie thinks about her old life in Eatonville sometimes. This life is much better. Everyone is always laughing and telling stories. Janie even feels like she can contribute to the story telling.

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