Chapter 10 Notes from Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 10

Janie decides to close the store early because of a baseball game going on. A short while before Janie closes the store, a tall, lean man walks into the store to buy cigarettes. He talks to Janie and offers for the two of them to play a game of checkers. Janie says she doesn't know how, but the man wants to teach her. She is thrilled that someone wants to teach her how to play. Janie finds herself very attracted to this man.

They talk for a while and Janie finds out that his name is Vergible Woods, but people call him Tea Cake for short. They make small talk and he makes Janie laugh. They talk until Janie closes the store, and then he walks her home. He is a gentleman. He tips his hat at the door, says goodnight, and leaves.

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