Notes on Objects & Places from Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Objects/Places

Blue satin dress: Dress picked out by Tea Cake for Janie. It is the last outfit that the town of Eatonville sees her in.

West Florida: This is where Nanny takes Leafy, her daughter, after she runs away from Georgia. She raises Janie here even after Leafy runs away from home.

Pear tree: Janie wants to be in bloom like a pear tree. She lay under this tree during her childhood years (while with Nanny).

Eatonville: Town that Janie and Joe move to – started and run all by blacks. Joe becomes the mayor of the town.

mule: An overworked, helpless animal--a situation Janie relates to while with Joe.

Everglades: These are swamplands in Florida which are now heavily protected by environmental protection. They contain a signficant amount of wildlife. In the book, it is where Tea Cake takes Janie to work on the muck (picking beans and sugar cane).

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