Chapter 8 Notes from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 8

Alec drives recklessly so that Tess will have to hang on to him. She doesn't like him, so when she figures out what he's doing, she refuses to touch him. Seeing her stubbornness, he promises to drive carefully if she will let him kiss her cheek, so she does. But she immediately wipes away his kiss with her handkerchief. He is insulted, so he threatens to drive recklessly if she does not let him kiss her again and keep the kiss on her cheek. She agrees, but as he leans over, she lets her hat blow off and jumps down from the carriage to get it. Once out of the carriage and Alec's reach, she insists on walking the rest of the way. Tess thinks about turning around and walking home but decides she's being childish and needs the work to provide for her family, so she continues on toward Tantridge. Alec sees that he, too, has been tricked and drives the carriage alongside her and almost regrets how he's taken advantage of her.

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