Chapter 57 Notes from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 57

Angel and Tess spend five happy days locked up in the vacant manor. While they are there together, things are as they were at the dairy before they were married. They never talk about the time they've spent apart; they are just happy to be together. Tess is reluctant to leave the manor house because she knows that her days are numbered. Angel humors her until they are forced to leave when the landlady discovers them hiding out there. They travel north all day and deep into the night until Tess can travel no further. They stop to rest in a large field at a circle of stones, soon realizing that it is Stonehenge. Tess lays down upon one of the fallen stones, like a human sacrifice. Before she falls asleep, she tells Angel that if something should happen to her, she wants him to marry her younger sister, Liza Lu, because Liza Lu is a purer, more innocent version of Tess.

As the sun comes up, Tess and Angel are surrounded by 16 men who have come to capture Tess. Tess peacefully goes with them feeling satisfied that Angel loves her and will not have time to grow to despise her now.

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