Chapter 26 Notes from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 26

Angel finally talks to his parents about choosing a wife, and they are happy to recommend Mercy Chant, but he argues that she would not make a good farmer's wife because she is too refined and delicate. Angel wears his parents down into accepting the idea that a woman from farm life would make a better farmer's wife than Mercy Chant. He assures his parents that the woman he has in mind is virtuous and pure, and his parents agree to meet her.

Mr. Clare accompanies Angel part of the way out of town, and he tells his son about his failed attempt to convert a wild, young man, Alec d'Urberville. Mr. Clare explains that Alec is not legitimately part of the line of the d'Urbervilles from Kingsbere famous for their family curse, but a merchant family instead. Angel appreciates old families for the history of their heritage, but he does not believe that being from an old family makes anyone important or special because of their name.

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