Notes on Objects & Places from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Objects/Places

Marlott: The English village where Tess is born and raised.

Tantridge: The English village where Alec d’Urberville and his mother live. Tess travels there to work for them.

Talbothay’s Dairy: Tess goes there to work after the birth and death of her baby and meets Angel Clare, Izz Rheutt, Marian, and Rhetty.

Emminister: The English village where Angel Clare’s family lives.

Kingsbere: The English village where the ancient d’Urberville family lived, owned land, died, and is buried. Tess and Angel stay in a manor there after they are married, and Tess’s family tries to move there after her father dies.

Letter: Tess wrote the letter explaining what happened between her and Alec d’Urberville and slipped it under Angel’s door, but he never got the letter because it had slipped beneath the carpet.

Legend of the d’Urberville carriage: Story about one of the ancient d’Urberville family who killed someone in a carriage. The story says that d’Urbervilles see the carriage just before something bad happens to them.

Flintcomb Ash: Farm where Tess goes to work for the man from Tantridge. She works in the fields in winter and does back breaking labor there along with Marian and Izz because she’d rather work there than go ask Angel’s parents for money.

Sandbourne: The resort city on the Thames River where Tess is living as Alec d’Urberville’s wife. Angel comes there to find her and learns that she is married. She kills Alec in a hotel in Sandbourne.

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