Scene 11 Notes from A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 11

It is now several weeks after the incident with Stanley and Blanche. Stella is folding Blanche's clothes as she bathes. Eunice is helping her. The four men from the original poker game play in the kitchen loudly. Stella is very upset and wonders if she did the right thing. She says that she couldn't believe Blanche and continue to live with Stanley. Blanche sticks her head out of the bathroom and asks Stella to get specific clothes ready for her to wear and take a message from Shep Huntleigh if he calls. Stella says that Blanche thinks she is going on a vacation in the country.

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Eunice and Stella are very gentle and kind with Blanche as she gets ready and talks of finally getting out of the trap in New Orleans. They offer her grapes from the French Market that she hopes are washed. She daydreams about dying of an unwashed grape near the sea.

The doorbell rings and a doctor and nurse wait outside. They are at the house to pick up Blanche to take her to a mental hospital. Stella is frightened and very upset. Blanche still thinks that she is to be picked up by Shep. Eunice goes to the door to tell them to wait. Blanche doesn't want to walk through the poker game, but she does so with Stella. She repeats the same lines she said at the original poker party as she passes through. The polka tune continues to play in her head.

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When she gets to the door, she is confused because the man is not Shep. She backs up frightened, running back into the house, screaming, trying to defend herself from the nurse and doctor. Mitch stares down at his hands while Stella closes her eyes in pain. Stanley tries to help the matron and doctor take Blanche away. Blanche keeps telling them that she forgot something so she can remain in the house. Stella wonders if she did the right thing for her sister. Eunice comforts her by saying that she had nowhere else to go. The matron asks the doctor if she should use a straight jacket. He says no and takes off his hat to become a kind man. He offers her his hand and she takes it, walking out of the house, slowly. She says, "Whoever you are - I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." Scene 11, pg. 235. They walk away.

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Stella runs after her and Stanley runs after Stella. He comforts her, pleased that this ordeal has concluded. He tries to unbutton her blouse.

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