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A Streetcar Named Desire Objects/Places

Belle Reve: Belle Reve is an old plantation house and the family home where Stella and Blanche grew up. Blanche lost the house because of its high mortgage after Stella left for New Orleans. The loss of Belle Reve is the catalyst for Stanley to suspect Blanche is telling lies.

Elysian Fields Home: Stanley and Stella live in the lower flat of a house located on Elysian Fields in New Orleans. Steve and Eunice live upstairs. This area is of mixed races and is known for being bawdy and colorfully alive.

Flamingo Hotel: The Flamingo Hotel is one of Blanche's homes of the past. It is a second rate hotel in which she lived and practiced prostitution. The hotel eventually threw her out due to her lifestyle.

Laurel: Laurel is a small town in Mississippi where Blanche lived for some time. Stanley has friends who travel through Laurel and find out Blanche's true reputation.

Moon Lake Casino: Blanche and her young husband went to the Moon Lake Casino for a fun evening of drinking. They danced and Blanche told him that she saw him with a man. He shot himself in the mouth on the side road of the Casino.

Polka Tune: The music of polka revisits Blanche's mind often. It reminds her of the evening her husband died and sets her off into another world. The polka sounds are indications of her unstable mentality.

Four Deuces: The Four Deuces is the neighborhood bar that most characters frequent. Steve and Eunice drink there, as do Stanley and Stella. It is a place of safety away from the Elysian Fields home.

Silver Cigarette Case: Mitch carries around a beautiful silver cigarette case engraved with a Browning poem about death. He offers Blanche a cigarette from it when they first meet, spurring their romance.

Chinese Lamp Cover: Blanche purchases a paper lamp cover to mask the light in the room. She cannot be seen in direct light and it makes her uncomfortable and nervous. It is her first change to the home and illustrates her suffocating impact on Stanley and Stella.

Cigarettes: Blanche constantly smokes cigarettes during the play. They seem to be another one of her weaknesses and give her something to hold on to.

Light: Blanche will not be seen in or around direct light. Any form of direct light becomes harmful to her disposition. She constantly covers lamps and only leaves the house in the evenings.

Blanche's Trunk: This trunk contains everything that Blanche owns. It is stuffed with her jewelry, elaborate clothing, mortgage papers, and love letters. It is often ransacked by Stanley and is mobile, representing Blanche's mobile life.

Bathroom: Blanche frequents the bathroom in Stanley and Stella's home. She primps and bathes in it constantly and escapes to it when she needs a place to cry, wash up, or be alone.

New Orleans: New Orleans is the city in which the play takes place. It is a mixture of all races and a loud scene of debauchery. It also is a city of great history in the South. New Orleans has streetcars, which make a lot of noise and disturb Blanche during her stay.

Galatoire's: Galatoire's is a restaurant in the neighborhood that Blanche and Stella eat in at the beginning of the play.

Bus ticket: Stanley presents Blanche with a present for her birthday. It is a one way ticket out of New Orleans.

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