Chapters 11 - 15 Notes from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Chapters 11 - 15

At the next group meeting, McMurphy proposes changing the TV time to the afternoon so they can watch the World Series. The Big Nurse calls for a vote, but only Cheswick and McMurphy raise their hands. Later, McMurphy accosts the men for not voting, and they can't explain why they didn't- fear of the Big Nurse, and what she can do to them. They are all in the new room while they discuss it. The new room used to be the hydrotherapy room. Over to one side is a large control panel used to direct the water. McMurphy looks at the windows, and wonders if it's possible to break through them. The only thing that could take out the glass and the wire mesh is the control panel. The thing is huge, but McMurphy bets the men he can lift it. He tries, his arms swelling up huge, but he is unable to lift it. "'But I tried though,' he says. 'Goddammit, I sure as hell did that much, now, didn't I?'" Chapter 11, pg. 111

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During the next group meeting, Bromden is sunk deep into the fog. He hears occasional things from the men. They are discussing Billy today, and why he stutters, which might have something to do with his over-bearing mother.

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Bromden also passes by other patients, like Bancini, as he goes further and further down. Before he can go all the way, though, McMurphy's voice pulls him back. He calls for another vote. This time, all the Acutes put their hands up. The Big Nurse, however, says it fails because the Acutes are only half the ward and none of the Chronics have raised their hands. McMurphy goes among the Chronics, trying to get one to vote, but none will, until he comes at last to Bromden. Bromden raises his hand, but the Big Nurse claims the meeting was over, and the vote was closed.

That afternoon, at the time of the World Series, McMurphy stops working and turns the TV on. Big Nurse turns off the television from the Nurses' Station, but McMurphy continues to sit there. She yells at him, but he won't move. Harding joins him after a time, then Cheswick, then Billy Bibbit, until finally all the Acutes, as well as Bromden, are over by the blank television screen, with Nurse Ratched yelling at all of them to get back to work.

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