Chapter 8 Notes from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Chapter 8

That morning, McMurphy is up before every other patient on the ward, even Bromden, who is usually awake the earliest. McMurphy is singing the bathroom. He comes out and asks one of the aides for toothpaste. The aide tells him the cabinet with the toothpaste in it isn't opened until 6:45. McMurphy makes fun of him for a little about this, then swirls his toothbrush in the can of soap powder that the aide is using to clean the walls, and brushes his teeth with that. Bromden remembers his father making fun of the men who came to the reserve when he was younger.

The Big Nurse arrives, and finds McMurphy wearing only a bath towel. He says his clothes were taken in the night, and that he wasn't issued a replacement uniform. Nurse Ratched calls for an aide to get him a replacement. McMurphy lets his towel drop, and he's wearing boxer shorts underneath. The Nurse is frazzled, but she quickly regains control as the other patients get out of bed.

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