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Mythology Table of Contents

Mythology Book Notes is a free study guide on Mythology by Edith Hamilton. Browse the summary below:

  Author Biography / Context of the Work

  One-Page Plot Summary

  Character Descriptions

  Object/Place Descriptions


  Topic Tracking

      Topic Tracking: Atrocity

      Topic Tracking: Fate

      Topic Tracking: Women

  Chapter Summaries

      Part 1: The Gods, The Creation..., Chapter 1: The Titans

      Part 1, Chapter 2: Two Gods of Earth

      Part 1, Chapter 3: How the World and Men were Created

      Part 1, Chapter 4: The Earliest Heroes

      Part 2: Stories of Love..., Chapter 1: Cupid and Psyche

      Part 2, Chapter 2: Eight Brief Tales of Lovers

      Part 2, Chapter 3: The Quest for the Golden Fleece

      Part 2, Chapter 4: Four Great Adventures

      Part 3: Heroes Before the Trojan War, Chapter 1: Perseus

      Part 3, Chapter 2: Theseus

      Part 3, Chapter 3: Hercules

      Part 3, Chapter 4: Atalanta

      Part 4: Heroes of the Trojan War, Chapter 1: The Trojan War

      Part 4, Chapter 2: The Fall of Troy

      Part 4, Chapter 3: The Adventures of Odysseus

      Part 4, Chapter 4: The Adventures of Aeneas

      Part 5: Great Families..., Chapter 1: The House of Atreus

      Part 5, Chapter 2: The Royal House of Thebes

      Part 5, Chapter 3: The Royal House of Athens

      Part 6: Less Important Myths, Chapter 1: Midas and Others

      Part 6, Chapter 2: Brief Myths Arranged Alphabetically

      Part 7: Norse Mythology, Chapter 1

      Part 7, Chapter 2: The Norse Gods

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