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Metamorphoses Book Notes is a free study guide on Metamorphoses by Ovid. Browse the summary below:

  Author Biography / Context of the Work

  One-Page Plot Summary

  Character Descriptions

  Object/Place Descriptions


  Topic Tracking

      Topic Tracking: Revenge

      Topic Tracking: Violence

      Topic Tracking: Women

  Chapter Summaries

      Book 1: The Creation

      Book 1: The Ages of Mankind

      Book 1: The Flood

      Book 1: Deucalion and Pyrrha

      Book 1: Apollo and Daphne

      Book 1: Io

      Book 2: Phaethon

      Book 2: Callisto

      Book 2: The Raven and The Crow

      Book 2: Ocyrhoe

      Book 15: The Doctrines of Pythagoras

      Book 15: The Death of Numa

      Book 15: Hippolytus

      Book 15: Cipus

      Book 15: Aesculapius

      Book 15: The Apotheosis of Julius Caesar

      Book 15: Epilogue

      Book 2: Mercury and Battus

      Book 2: The Envy of Aglauros

      Book 2: Jupiter and Europa

      Book 3: Cadmus

      Book 3: Diana and Actaeon

      Book 3: Semele and The Birth of Bacchus

      Book 3: Tiresias

      Book 3: Narcissus and Echo

      Book 3: Pentheus and Bacchus

      Book 4: The Daughters of Minyas

      Book 4: Pyramus and Thisbe

      Book 4: The Sun in Love

      Book 4: Salmacis and Hermaphroditus

      Book 4: The Daughters of Minyas Transformed

      Book 4: Athamas and Ino

      Book 4: The Transformation of Cadmus

      Book 4: Perseus and Andromeda

      Book 5: Perseus' Fight in the Palace of Cepheus

      Book 5: Minerva Meets the Muses at Helicon

      Book 5: The Rape of Proserpine

      Book 5: Arethusa

      Book 5: Triptolemus

      Book 6: Arachne

      Book 6: Niobe

      Book 6: The Lycian Peasants

      Book 6: Marsyas

      Book 6: Pelops

      Book 6: Tereus, Procne, and Philomela

      Book 6: Boreas and Orithyia

      Book 7: Medea and Jason

      Book 7: Medea and Aeson

      Book 7: Medea and Pelias: Her Flight

      Book 7: Theseus

      Book 7: Minos, Aeacus, The Plague at Ageina, The Myrmidons

      Book 7: Cephalus and Procris

      Book 8: Scylla and Minos

      Book 8: The Minotaur

      Book 8: Daedalus and Icarus

      Book 8: Perdix

      Book 8: Meleager and the Calydonian Boar

      Book 8: Althaea and Meleager

      Book 8: Achelous and the Nymphs

      Book 8: Philemon and Baucis

      Book 8: Erysichthon and His Daughter

      Book 9: Achelous and Hercules

      Book 9: Hercules, Nessus, and Deianira

      Book 9: The Death and Apotheosis of Hercules

      Book 9: The Birth of Hercules

      Book 9: Dryope

      Book 9: Iolaus and the Sons of Callirhoe

      Book 9: Byblis

      Book 9: Iphis and Ianthe

      Book 10: Orpheus and Eurydice

      Book 10: Cyparissus

      Book 10: Ganymede

      Book 10: Hyacinth

      Book 10: Pygmalion

      Book 10: Myrrha

      Book 10: Venus and Adonis

      Book 10: Atalanta

      Book 11: The Death of Orpheus

      Book 11: Midas

      Book 11: First Foundation and Destruction of Troy

      Book 11: Peleus and Thetis

      Book 11: Daedalion

      Book 11: The Cattle of Peleus

      Book 11: Ceyx and Alcyone

      Book 11: Aesacus

      Book 12: The Expedition Against Troy

      Book 12: Achilles and Cycnus

      Book 12: Caenis

      Book 12: The Battle of The Lapiths and Centaurs

      Book 12: Nestor and Hercules

      Book 12: The Death of Achilles

      Book 13: Ajax and Ulysses and the Arms of Achilles

      Book 13: The Fall of Troy

      Book 13: Hecuba, Polyxena, and Polydorus

      Book 13: Memnon

      Book 13: The Pilgrimage of Aeneas

      Book 13: Acis and Galatea

      Book 13: Scylla and Glaucus

      Book 14: Scylla and Glaucus (continued)

      Book 14: The Pilgrimage of Aeneas (continued)

      Book 14: The Island of Circe

      Book 14: Picus and Canens

      Book 14: The Triumph and Apotheosis of Aeneas

      Book 14: Pomona and Vertumnus

      Book 14: Legends of Early Rome; The Apotheosis of Romulus

      Book 15: Numa and the Foundation of Crotona

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