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My Antonia Book 2, Chapters 10 and 11

Antonia quickly becomes known for her dancing soon after the Vannis' set up their dancing tent. Before the tent had come to town, she had been so involved with the Harlings' home and garden that she never strayed. Jim knows that Antonia's dancing will be a subject the Harlings will have to deal with. The young men always talk about Antonia as they always did about Lena or Tiny. Antonia could only think about dancing. She becomes irresponsible with her chores; she is always the first to dance and the last to leave after the dance closes, and she soon becomes popular with the young men of Black Hawk.

When Mr. Harling catches Antonia outside with a young man, he is so enraged that he threatens her with an ultimatum. He forbids her to go to the dances, threatening to fire her if she develops a reputation of being sexually free. Antonia declares that she will never give up her love for dancing, and that she will not sacrifice her freedom for Mr. Harling. Frances and Mrs. Harling attempt to persuade her to stay, but Antonia ignores them. When she says that she will work for Wick Cutter, the evil Black Hawk creditor, Mrs. Harling forbids her from entering the Harling house ever again.

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Wick Cutter has a reputation of being notorious with gambling and money. He is also known for his numerous affairs, despite being a married man. He and his wife, Mrs. Cutter, as different as they are, quarrel with each other about anything and everything, from Cutter's unfaithfulness, to Mrs. Cutter's painted china dishes. Jim remarks that the main topic of dispute is usually their inheritance, and who will outlive the other.

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