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Stories of Franz Kafka Topic Tracking: Money

The Metamorphosis - Chapter 1

Money 1: Gregor Samsa works hard as a traveling salesman in order to make plenty of money to support his family. He works long hours so that he can make extra money and cares little for other things. He only wants to make enough money to pay off the debts to the company that were incurred by his parents.

Money 2: Gregor is angry that his company has sent the manager to his home to check up on his tardiness. The manager informs the Samsa family that Gregor is in possession of much of the company's money. The only reason he has visited Gregor is because of the money and his fear that Gregor might steal it. Gregor is terrified because he needs this job in order to support his family. He is currently the only source of income for his family.

The Metamorphosis - Chapter 2

Money 3: Gregor realizes that he alone has been supporting his family and wonders how they will find money to live without him. He has purchased and financed the apartment and all its compartments and fears they will be lost without his income.

Money 4: Mr. Samsa summarizes the family's financial predicament, now that Gregor is unable to work. He has saved enough money for the family to live on for at least two years; so, their situation is not as grave as it initially appeared. Gregor is thrilled to overhear such news.

The Metamorphosis - Chapter 3

Money 5: All three remaining members of the Samsa family have found work outside the house in order to support themselves. The three jobs do not equal enough money, still, to sustain such a household. Nonetheless, they work constantly for their finances, leaving Gregor alone in his room.

Money 6: To supplement their income even more, the Samsa family takes in three borders. These three men with long bears live in their house and eat in their dining room. The Samsas, in turn, cook for them and eat in the kitchen, leaving Gregor alone in his room, neglected and hungry.

Money 7: When the borders see Gregor, they explode at Mr. Samsa, claiming they will not pay him a single cent for rent while they have lived in his house so close to such a creature. Money is the first cry they have when they think of their current predicament. They want a way out and they use finances as that means of escape.

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