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Chapter 6: My State of Mind Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 6: My State of Mind

Joe, Pip and Mr. Wopsle return home and Joe explains the convict's confession to Mrs. Joe. This sets all the guests to wondering how the convict broke into the pantry, and Mr. Pumblechook's wild explanation of the break in, which sounds like it was lifted from a book, is finally accepted to be the best.

Pip is sent off to bed, where the company of his thoughts gives him no more rest than the unpleasant Christmas guests had. Even though the convict's confession exonerated him, he's filled with guilt, a guilt centered on the regret that he's lied to Joe. Pip shows himself to be quite devoted to Joe as his mind shifts between two unpleasant options: to live with the guilt of having lied to Joe, or to tell the truth and risk losing Joe's respect. The thought of Joe knowing he's lied is too much, and Pip can't confess. But the guilt, Pip tells us, lasts long after everyone has lost interest in the convicts and the missing food.

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