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Chapter 58: Mr. Pumblechook Holds Forth... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 58: Mr. Pumblechook Holds Forth...

Pip speeds to the marshes, ready to make his proposal, and takes a room at the Blue Boar. Rumors of his bad luck have gotten around, and he gets lousy treatment at the inn. Worse than this, however, is the arrival of Pumblechook. Pumblechook seems convinced by the old rumors that he really was Pip's patron, and he torments Pip with a ridiculous show in front of the hotel staff, trying to make Pip feel ungrateful about a charity he never even provided. Pip is disgusted by the Imposter, and this makes it all the pleasanter to see his genuine friends, Joe and Biddy.

Pip doesn't find Joe in his forge, and when he arrives at the old house, he finds it decorated with flowers and inside, Joe and Biddy dressed in holiday clothes. Before Pip can profess his love, Biddy tells him her news: it is her and Joe's wedding day.

All of Pip's plans change with this announcement. He is nothing but kind and reverent about the wedding, but announces that he is leaving imminently to go abroad. He will not rest until he has paid Joe back, and, he hopes Biddy and Joe, if they ever have a child, will not tell him that he was a thankless or ungenerous or unjust. Biddy and Joe, sweet and happy, swear they would never think or say such a thing.

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Pip follows his new course. He goes to work for Herbert, and over the years advances steadily, though not spectacularly. Eventually, Clarriker needs to clean his conscience by confessing Pip's financial support to Herbert, news that Pip's good-natured friend receives with wonder rather than anger. Pip works his way into a satisfying life, having started again with no great expectations.

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