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Chapter 45: I Receive a Warning... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 45: I Receive a Warning...

Convinced by Wemmick' note to take his lodgings elsewhere, Pip gets a small and creepy room at a boarding house in town. After a fitful night of sleep, he rises early to catch Wemmick out in the Castle, so he can explain the note as a friend rather than with the "post office" reserve he gets at Jaggers' office. Wemmick is cheery and has Pip cook some sausage for the Aged P, a job a little too big for Pip in his state of mind. While making an ember of the sausage, Pip listens to Wemmick explain, in vague terms, that someone is not where they should be (presumably Magwitch, who is not in New South Wales), and that Pip and the Temple are being watched. Pip suspects the spy to be Compeyson, and he asks Wemmick if the second convict is alive. Wemmick answers yes, and says that he's in London, too.

Wemmick has already spoken with Herbert, and the two have hatched a plan to transport Magwitch to the home of Herbert's fiancé, Clara, and her father. The house is on the river, and should be a convenient place from which to make a hasty exit by boat, if it's necessary.

Wemmick heads off to work, and advises Pip to pass the day at the Castle, in the good company of the Aged P.

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