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Chapter 43: I Start On an Expedition... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 43: I Start On an Expedition...

Pip resolves to visit both Estella and Miss Havisham, in case he must suddenly leave the country with Magwitch. When he goes to Richmond to see Estella, he's surprised to find that she has left for Miss Havisham's, a trip that she normally makes with Pip. His confusion turns quickly to anxiety when, upon his arrival at the marshes, he spots Bentley Drummle lurking around the Blue Boar. Drummle isn't from the marshes, and his only connection to the place, Pip realizes with dread, is Estella.

The two young men ignore each other until it would be ridiculous to continue, and then fall into a spitty little conversation in front of the hotel fireplace. Drummle is insolent as always, and makes several haughty mentions of a particular "lady" to goad Pip on. At last, Drummle leaves the restaurant and Pip sets off for Satis, thinking now that he wishes he'd never even set foot in that dreary old house.

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