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Chapter 31: Mr. Wopsle as Hamlet... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 31: Mr. Wopsle as Hamlet...

Wopsle is terrible as Hamlet, and everything about the play is so bad that the audience heckles it nonstop. Pip and Herbert try to slink out at its conclusion without being noticed by Wopsle, but are nabbed at the exit and sent backstage to see the actor, who's adopted the silly stage-name of Waldengraver. Wopsle is oblivious about his performance--he seems to think he's done a lovely job--and Pip and Herbert lie to make him feel good. Out of pity, they invite Wopsle to dinner and he accepts, staying too late and jabbering the whole time about his performance. Pip goes to bed miserable, and dreams that his great expectations have all fallen to pieces.

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