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Chapter 30: In the Old Town Again... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 30: In the Old Town Again...

Pip is to take the midday coach back to London with Jaggers, and he passes the morning wandering around town, though trying to avoid a chance meeting with Pumblechook. Pip seems to be a sort of minor celebrity in town, drawing the awe of the shopkeepers and the strange taunting of the Trabb the tailor's son. Trabb's boy circles Pip and taunts him mildly.

Pip is also disturbed by the notion that Orlick is working for Miss Havisham, and when he tells this to Jaggers, the lawyer says he'll pay Orlick off and have him removed immediately.

Jaggers and Pip take the coach back to London together, where Pip is happy to see Herbert again. The two have a long talk, and Pip confesses his love for Estella, which comes as no surprise to Herbert. Herbert's advice to Pip is to "detach himself," if at all possible, for Herbert can see a heartbreak ahead if Pip continues to pursue Estella. Pip sadly says this is impossible--his love for Estella is too strong already.

The conversation now turns to Herbert's love life, and he makes the surprising confession that he is engaged, to a woman named Clara. Herbert and his betrothed don't seem to have much communication, and their marriage is not slated to happen any time soon. But the thought of it brings Herbert around to the certainty that he needs money before they can marry. Apparently, Herbert has made little progress in his search for an "opening" to riches through the counting house.

The two friends get on the dismal subject of procuring capital, a subject, however, that is instantly dropped when Pip pulls the old Playbill for Wopsle's play out of his pocket. The two friends promptly blow out the candles and head out to see the big-mouthed marsh man and his interpretation of Hamlet.

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