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Chapter 3: I Execute My Trust... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 3: I Execute My Trust...

As Pip runs through the marshes with his stolen whittles and file, with the force of his guilt, he feels as if the scenery and cows are running toward him, pursuing the lowly thief that he's become. Finally, Pip sees a figure asleep by the river. But when he touches the man's shoulder, he suddenly realizes that he's got the wrong man. This second shackled man has the same haggard and creepy look as the one Pip met yesterday, and Pip immediately assumes that it's the young man about whom he's been warned. After taking a swing at Pip, this man disappears into the mist, and Pip runs on to the Battery, where he finds the shackled man looking about ready to drop dead from cold and hunger. The man tears into the food like a dog, and his state of hunger makes Pip momentarily forget his fear and feel a bit of pity.

As most of the food is making its way down the shackled man's throat, Pip ventures to ask whether the man intends to save any for his henchman, the young man. This makes the shackled man laugh a bit, but when Pip explains that he's actually seen another man out in the marshes, the shackled man gets suddenly attentive. He seems to recognize Pip's description, and he demands that Pip lead him to this other man so that he can tear him apart. Pip points in the right direction, and the man begins viciously filing his iron shackle, trying to break free. He's muttering impatiently the whole time, and Pip slips off toward home.

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