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Chapter 13: Joe at Miss Havisham's... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 13: Joe at Miss Havisham's...

Joe spiffs himself up and heads with Pip to Miss Havisham's, where he is so intimidated by the old woman that every time she asks him a question, he directs his reply at Pip. Pip is ashamed of Joe, more so because he can see in Estella's eyes the mischievous glimmer of condescension. Miss Havisham tells Joe that Pip is in his hands now, and that the period of his apprenticeship under Joe to the blacksmith trade should begin. She gives Joe a good-sized sum of money for Pip's company and services of the last months, and sends them on their way. Miss Havisham tells Pip that Joe is his master now, and that he is to come no more to Manor House.

Back at home, where Mrs. Joe and Uncle Pumblechook wait, Joe presents the money to Mrs. Joe, and then the four set off to the Town Hall, to make Pip's apprenticeship official. Afterwards, the Hubbles and Mr. Wopsle join the group for a dinner at the Blue Boar. Everyone feels happy and festive except for Pip, who already has the strong conviction that he will not like the blacksmith trade.

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