Chapter 18 Notes from Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Chapter 18

Frankenstein couldn't bring himself to start on the second monster because it repulsed him. His fits of melancholy were less frequent as he put off working on the monster, but every once in a while he had to be alone for a few days. His father chalked this moodiness up to the idea that Frankenstein didn't want to marry Elizabeth despite the expectation that the two would marry. Frankenstein assured his father that he loved Elizabeth and wanted to marry only her. But when his father suggested an immediate marriage, Frankenstein insisted that he needed to travel to England first. Frankenstein wanted to finish the creation of the second monster before marrying Elizabeth. He had research to do in England, and he knew he couldn't be near his family while he worked on the second monster, so his trip to England was settled and his marriage to Elizabeth would occur upon his return. Frankenstein worried that when he left for England the monster might harm his family, but then he decided that the monster would follow him to England to watch his progress. Frankenstein met Henry Clerval, his life-long friend, in Strasbourg and they traveled to England together. When they journeyed along the Rhine, Henry was greatly impressed by the beauty of the landscape around them, and the remembrance of his passion for that beauty made Frankenstein pause in relating his story to Walton to lament his friend's death.

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