Chapter 15 Notes from Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Chapter 15

Shortly after learning the De Lacey's story, the monster found a bag with books and clothes in the forest. He read The Sorrows of Werter, Paradise Lost, and Plutarch's Lives to further his education, and this reading only seemed to emphasize his wretchedness. He also found Frankenstein's journal in the pocket of a coat he had stolen from the laboratory the night he awoke and escaped. He read the catalog of his creation and was disgusted with the monstrosity of his own origins. Desperately lonely, the monster decided to seek out the friendship of the cottagers. He went into their home when De Lacey, the blind man, was home alone so that he could win him over before the others returned. De Lacey was kind to him, but the monster didn't reveal his desire for their companionship until Felix, Agatha and Safie were almost in the door. Before De Lacey knew what had happened, the women had fainted and Felix had chased the monster away.

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