Chapter 4, Part 1 Notes from Brave New World

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Brave New World Chapter 4, Part 1

Lenina walks into a room filled with Alpha Males. She is a popular girl who has, at one point, spent the night with almost all of them. She thinks of them as dear, charming boys. She sees George Edzel, whose ears she wishes weren't so big, and Benito Hoover, who she remembers was really too hairy with his clothes off. She sees Bernard Marx looking melancholy and small in the corner, and she goes over to him and in a loud voice announces that she wants to talk about making plans with him. Others look around curiously, and some of the men even gasp with astonishment. Lenina is pleased that she is publicly proving her unfaithfulness to Henry.

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She confirms that she would indeed like to go on a trip to New Mexico with him for a week in July, and Bernard is astonished by her attention, so much so that she wonders why he seems upset. He is confused, but she is bubbly and finds him funny. They get on the lift together and ride up to the roof, where Bernard finds the view of the blue horizon and Lenina's face breathtaking. Bernard watches her painfully as she runs toward Henry. The ever-sunny Benito Hoover approaches him cordially and offers him some soma, but Bernard has rushed away. Hoover chews some sex-hormone chewing gum

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Lenina arrives four minutes late, as Henry points out to her. They get into a helicopter. The propellers spin extremely fast, and they rise above London. They fly over park-land where there are forests of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy steel towers and other World State consumer games. Lenina, true to her hypnopaedia, remarks what an ugly color khaki is. She watches the changing of the low-caste guards and thinks that she is glad she is not a Gamma.

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