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Brave New World Chapter 13

Lenina is absent-minded and unhappy about The Savage (John) having rejected her. She turns down Henry Foster's offer to go to a feely, though it is one of her favorite things to do. He advises her to see a doctor for a Pregnancy Substitute or a Violent Passion Surrogate. Lenina is relieved, thinking that this is a simple solution to her unhappiness. Relieved, yet still distracted about John, she forgets to give an inoculation to one of the embryos. Later, in the changing room, her friend Fanny tries to talk her out of her fixation on this one man. She tells Lenina that she should just go and take him, and Lenina proceeds to his place. He is surprised to see her. She marches in, on soma, uninhibited. He falls to his knees and praises her beauty and perfection and says that the reason why he hasn't acted thus far is because he wanted to prove himself worthy, to do something like bring her a lion skin, like one had to do at Malpais. This irritates Lenina, who tells him that there are Epsilon workers to do all of the labor he is offering her. He tells her he loves her, and suggests marriage and recites Shakespeare. She is repelled by the completely novel and anti-societal idea of it, and loses her patience. She asks him once and for all if he likes her, and when he says yes, she throws herself at him. He is very conflicted, and voicing his conscience, he recites more Shakespeare about how he does not want his lust to overcome him. Lenina does not understand, and she undresses. He continues to recite Shakespeare. The Savage is terrified and backs up against the wall. Lenina tries out some of her own poetry, lyrics from popular songs: "Put your arms around me/ Hug me till you drug me, honey/ Kiss me till I'm in a coma/ Hug me honey, snuggly..." Chapter 14, pg. 194

The Savage interrupts her violently, taking her wrists and thrusting her away. He calls her a whore and tells her to leave before he kills her. Lenina is wounded and locks herself safely in the bathroom. He recites Shakespeare desperately and maniacally, trying to rid himself of her. He hands her clothes to her through the bathroom door, which she is terrified to open, and he answers the phone to find out that his mother is seriously ill. He rushes out the door and Lenina finally escapes, fleeing the building.

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