Objects & Places from Zorba the Greek

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This is the name of the Greek island where the mine is located and where the majority of the story unfolds.

Zorba's santuri

The mine foreman carries this instrument with him everywhere and plays it when celebrating.

The hut on the beach

This location was given to Zorba and the narrator by Madame Hortense.

Madame Hortense's Parrot

This object shouts out the name of its owner's dead lover.

The Lignite Mine

The narrator rents this place of work which Zorba oversees.

The Church

A murder occurs outside this location which is visited on holidays and festivals.


This is the name of the nearest town where supplies are purchased for the mine.

The Widow's Garden

In this location, one character grows oranges and fruits and makes scents out of them.

The Monastery

This a beautiful shrine is inhabited with corruptness and ends up being burnt down..

Statue of the Holy Virgin of Revenge

This object once came to life when the monastery was threatened by Turks.

Timber railway

Much attention goes into building this perfectly, but it ultimately fails and crumbles.

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