Zorba the Greek Character Descriptions

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The Narrator

This character is a student who is teased by friends for being a bookworm. This character writes a book-length collection of thoughts.

The Friend (Stavridaki)

A brave soldier who lives not only for himself, but also for mankind and his Nation. This character is the narrator's closest friend with whom he writes letters. He dies after achieving great military accomplishments.


This very physical character is hired to be the foreman of the mine; he loves women and claims to be an atheist.

Madame Hortense

This character claims to have had lovers who captained the four great European powers, and has a parrot who repeats the name of one constantly.


This old sage treats his wife poorly and first appears in the book at a celebration at which he castrates sheep.


This character cuts another character's head off to avenge his son's death.


This character is responsible for village executions. He loses a fight with another character which prevents him from executing one person.

The Widow

This character is an object of desire for many in the village and is also blamed for one admirer's suicide. The villagers mob and eventually murder this character.


The villagers mostly dislike this strange, clown-like character who spouts random wisdom.

Zaharia the Monk

This character burns the monastery down.

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