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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What common portrayal of death did Maclean believe did not occur for the Smokejumpers?
(a) To see their whole lives in review.
(b) To see the future.
(c) To see the people waiting for them in Heaven.
(d) To see the people they love.

2. What did Maclean's wife die from?
(a) Esophagal cancer.
(b) Stomach cancer.
(c) Brain cancer.
(d) Lung cancer.

3. What effect did Dodge's escape fire have on the Mann Gulch fire, according to Maclean?
(a) The escape fire would have stopped the Mann Gulch fire.
(b) The escape fire leaves the Mann Gulch fire a mystery.
(c) The escape fire leaves the Mann Gulch fire a scientific impossibility.
(d) The escape fire made the Mann Gulch fire a blow up.

4. What is "Red Skies of Montana?"
(a) The new branch of the Smokejumpers.
(b) A book written about the Mann Gulch Fire.
(c) A movie made about the Mann Gulch Fire.
(d) The name given to the Gates of the Mountains.

5. What did Maclean call the "North Star that guides all arguments?"
(a) The top of the ridge.
(b) The crevice in the ridge.
(c) The location of Dodge's fire.
(d) Hellman's cross.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Maclean watch play billiards nearly every day when he was a young teacher?

2. To what did Maclean compare the fire lower on the hillside as it met the escape fire set by Dodge?

3. What was one of many reasons Maclean thought Henry Thol, Sr. should be proud of his son?

4. When on the ridge in Mann Gulch, what did Maclean witness Sallee and Rumsey argue about?

5. Who was the first man to crawl through the crevice at the reef during their escape from the fire?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom did Maclean find at the Hoerner Waldorf-Champion paper mill? What information did this person give Maclean to move him along in his search for Sallee and Rumsey?

2. What was the movie released in 1952 about the Mann Gulch fire? What does Maclean note about the film and its historic accuracy?

3. What different theories did Henry Thol on one side and Carl Gustafson present as to the escape fire set by Dodge? How did Maclean suggest the Review Board of the Mann Gulch fire might have immediately answered the question of the escape fire set by Dodge?

4. What did the land in Mann Gulch look like in the aftermath of the fire?

5. What did Sallee and Rumsey explain to Maclean that answered one of his most important questions? What was the question? What was the answer?

6. What happened to the men when they left the foreman, Dodge, at the site of the escape fire? What name did the author give to the point at which the men left? From what perspective did the author tell the story of their assent?

7. How did the author describe the final moments of the men's lives before the fire overtook them? What elements of nature were prominent in their lives just before their deaths? How did they actually die?

8. What was it like when the fire reached its height and totally covered the landscape? To what did Maclean compare the fire at this point?

9. How did Jansson's explanation of why the non-flammable objects such as wallets and watches were found uphill from the men's bodies? How did his explanation differ from that of the Forest Service?

10. When Maclean and his group began their trek to Mann Gulch, how did Maclean respond to those who were concerned about his heart being strong enough to make it to the site of the fire?

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