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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What well-known magazine had a lead article entitled "Smokejumpers Suffer Ordeal by Fire?"
(a) National Geographic.
(b) Look.
(c) Time.
(d) Life.

2. What promise did the Forest Service make to Maclean?
(a) That there will be bronze plaques attached to the crosses.
(b) That trees will be planted on the ridge burned by the fire.
(c) That the crosses will always be renewed.
(d) That there will be no other study of the Mann Gulch fire.

3. What sculptor's piece stands at the University of Chicago commemorating the Atomic Age?
(a) Albert Camus.
(b) Henry Moore.
(c) Heindrick Gustav.
(d) Malcolm Miller.

4. At the end of his life, what did Maclean consider the ultimate drive of the human spirit?
(a) To die in peace.
(b) To cry out for compassion.
(c) To continue doing what we last hoped to do on earth.
(d) To escape death at any cost.

5. How did Maclean explain the change in the world after compassionately studying the fire at Mann Gulch?
(a) Moving from a "seeing world" to a "feeling world" for the pain of others.
(b) Moving from a "feeling world" to a "comprehending world" for the loss of the Smokejumpers.
(c) Moving from a "hearing world" to a "feeling world" by learning from the past.
(d) Moving from a "seeing world" to a "hearing world" by understanding the terrifying sounds of fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect did Dodge's escape fire have on the Mann Gulch fire, according to Maclean?

2. Who was Arthur P. Brackebush?

3. Who was the first man to crawl through the crevice at the reef during their escape from the fire?

4. As an old man, what did the author hope to receive by his study of the Mann Gulch fire?

5. What did Laird and Maclean realize early in their investigation of the Mann Gulch fire?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did both parents and the Forest Service hope for silence after the court judgments concerning suits filed against the Forest Service?

2. What was the movie released in 1952 about the Mann Gulch fire? What does Maclean note about the film and its historic accuracy?

3. How did Jansson's explanation of why the non-flammable objects such as wallets and watches were found uphill from the men's bodies? How did his explanation differ from that of the Forest Service?

4. When Maclean and his group began their trek to Mann Gulch, how did Maclean respond to those who were concerned about his heart being strong enough to make it to the site of the fire?

5. When did Maclean begin research on the Mann Gulch fire? What where his first steps?

6. Who was Henry Thol, Sr.? What was his role in the Mann Gulch fire?

7. What did the gulch look like forty years after the fire? Was there any living vegetation?

8. What did the land in Mann Gulch look like in the aftermath of the fire?

9. What did the author mean when he spoke of bi-visual and tri-visual?

10. Whom did Maclean find at the Hoerner Waldorf-Champion paper mill? What information did this person give Maclean to move him along in his search for Sallee and Rumsey?

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