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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time was recorded on the watch found near the bodies?
(a) Nine thirty.
(b) Three forty-five.
(c) Four minutes to six.
(d) Twenty minutes to ten.

2. How did Maclean explain the change in the world after compassionately studying the fire at Mann Gulch?
(a) Moving from a "seeing world" to a "hearing world" by understanding the terrifying sounds of fire.
(b) Moving from a "feeling world" to a "comprehending world" for the loss of the Smokejumpers.
(c) Moving from a "seeing world" to a "feeling world" for the pain of others.
(d) Moving from a "hearing world" to a "feeling world" by learning from the past.

3. What observation did Jansson and the doctor at the scene make about the final steps of the men who died on the hill?
(a) They were dead before they fell to the ground.
(b) They fell, then rose and took a few steps, then fell again.
(c) They fell and got up many times before dying.
(d) They fell and were instantly devoured by the fire.

4. What was the one thought the Smokejumpers shared as they ran from the fire?
(a) To find a way back to their foreman.
(b) To find some water.
(c) To find Sallee and Rumsey.
(d) To find some place cool.

5. What is "Red Skies of Montana?"
(a) The new branch of the Smokejumpers.
(b) The name given to the Gates of the Mountains.
(c) A book written about the Mann Gulch Fire.
(d) A movie made about the Mann Gulch Fire.

6. To what did Maclean compare the fire lower on the hillside as it met the escape fire set by Dodge?
(a) Deranged mice running toward a mouse hole and hitting a wall.
(b) Deranged soldiers running blindly into the smoke and fire.
(c) Deranged military monsters enraged by the obstacle in front of them.
(d) Deranged serpents searching for food.

7. What well-known magazine had a lead article entitled "Smokejumpers Suffer Ordeal by Fire?"
(a) National Geographic.
(b) Look.
(c) Time.
(d) Life.

8. What were the two nonhuman elements Maclean said were left after sight and fear were gone?
(a) Heat and toxic gases.
(b) Smoke and flames.
(c) Fire and carbon dioxide.
(d) Carbon monoxide and flames.

9. What does Maclean consider a natural reaction near the end of a fire story?
(a) To become a distant and detached spectator.
(b) To become personally involved in finding a cause for the fire.
(c) To want to learn more about firefighting.
(d) To want the Forest Service to take responsibilty.

10. What did Maclean and the others agree was the second key point on the hillside they needed to locate?
(a) The spot where the fire blew up.
(b) The spot where Dodge had started his fire.
(c) The spot where Diettert left Rumsey and Sallee.
(d) The spot where Henry Thol, Jr. fell.

11. Where did Maclean place the ashes of his wife Jessie when she died?
(a) On the western bank of the Missouri.
(b) On Mount Helena.
(c) On Mount Jessie.
(d) At Seely Lake.

12. What time did Dodge's watch say when he rose from the ashes of his own fire?
(a) Fifteen minutes after seven.
(b) Nine forty-five.
(c) Ten minutes after six.
(d) Seven fifteen.

13. Where did Maclean finally locate Walter Rumsey?
(a) In Chicago, Illinois.
(b) In Boise, Idaho.
(c) In Seattle, Washington.
(d) In Lincoln, Nebraska.

14. How did W.R. Moore assist Maclean in his research about Mann Gulch?
(a) He ordered that all documentation on the fire be put on the internet.
(b) He ordered that all documentation on the fire be sent to the library in Missoula.
(c) He ordered that all Forest Service documents on the fire be available to Maclean.
(d) He ordered that all documents on the fire be sent to Washington, D.C.

15. Who was Henry Thol, Sr.?
(a) A Smokejumper trainer.
(b) The senator form Montana.
(c) Father of one of the dead Smokejumpers.
(d) The Forest Service official responsible for public relations.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Maclean compare the death of his wife and the death of the Smokejumpers?

2. What date did Maclean, Robinson, Sallee, and Rumsey agree to meet and visit Mann Gulch?

3. When did the investigative committee that the chief forester assembled arrive in Mann Gulch?

4. What was the Board of Review?

5. Where did Maclean and his party land their boat to begin their trip to Mann Gulch?

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