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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the emotions governing the Mann Gulch tragedy since it was first analyzed?
(a) Fear and anger.
(b) Fear and disgust.
(c) Fear and pity.
(d) Fear and longing.

2. What sculptor's piece stands at the University of Chicago commemorating the Atomic Age?
(a) Henry Moore.
(b) Albert Camus.
(c) Heindrick Gustav.
(d) Malcolm Miller.

3. Where did Maclean place the ashes of his wife Jessie when she died?
(a) At Seely Lake.
(b) On Mount Jessie.
(c) On the western bank of the Missouri.
(d) On Mount Helena.

4. Where did Maclean and his party land their boat to begin their trip to Mann Gulch?
(a) At the foot of the Gates of the Mountain.
(b) At the entrance to Merriweather Canyon.
(c) At the base of Fields Gulch.
(d) At the mouth of Rescue Gulch.

5. How did Maclean compare the death of his wife and the death of the Smokejumpers?
(a) Courage stuggling for oxygen.
(b) Peace in knowing Heaven was next.
(c) Loneliness and pain in the last breath.
(d) Pain and sadness gasping for air.

6. Where did Maclean finally find Robert Sallee?
(a) In Seattle.
(b) In Missoula.
(c) In Helena.
(d) In Portland.

7. How did Rumsey verify that the tin can of potatoes the men found near Hellman's marker was the same one left there after the fire?
(a) He had used his knife to make holes through which Hellman could drink the liquid.
(b) He had not opened the can because it was dented on the bottom.
(c) He had put a slit in the side of the can to allow Hellman to drink the liquid.
(d) He had used his knife to take off the top of the can for Hellman to have food and water.

8. How did Maclean see the change in our point of view when studying the Mann Gulch fires, now that we know more about the fire?
(a) We should be careful while trying to summarize that fire and its effects on the gulch.
(b) We should stay attuned to the possibily of fire in lightning storms.
(c) We should be very careful not to put too much value in the trees growing now.
(d) We should stay close to the ground and have compassion for the young men who died.

9. Of what material are the Mann Gulch crosses made?
(a) Plastic.
(b) Concrete.
(c) Marble.
(d) Wood.

10. What feeling did the Smokejumpers share with all other youth their age?
(a) The feeling that their lives would be long.
(b) The feeling that they were immortal.
(c) The feeling that education was important.
(d) The feeling that they could be successful firefighters.

11. What does Maclean consider a natural reaction near the end of a fire story?
(a) To become personally involved in finding a cause for the fire.
(b) To want to learn more about firefighting.
(c) To become a distant and detached spectator.
(d) To want the Forest Service to take responsibilty.

12. Who was C.A. Gustafson?
(a) The Forest Service's Chief of Fire Control.
(b) The father of one of the dead Smokejumpers.
(c) The pilot of the plane that dropped the Smokejumpers.
(d) The Speaker of the House.

13. What was one of many reasons Maclean thought Henry Thol, Sr. should be proud of his son?
(a) His son carried a picture of his family with him.
(b) His son died while protecting another man.
(c) His son was the closest man to the top of the ridge.
(d) His son was not alone when he died.

14. When was the only time Smokejumpers were allowed to be alone while fighting a fire?
(a) As they dug trenches and holes.
(b) As they fell to earth from the plane.
(c) As they ate a meal.
(d) As they made escape fires.

15. What were the only sensations the men running from the fire were aware of?
(a) Heat and thirst.
(b) Heat and loneliness.
(c) Heat and futility.
(d) Heat and starvation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Maclean meet who finally makes the connection for him to Robert Sallee?

2. When did Wag Dodge die?

3. When did the investigative committee that the chief forester assembled arrive in Mann Gulch?

4. What did Maclean believe the Smokejumpers had accomplished spiritually at the time of their deaths?

5. Who is one of the best bibliographical references about the Mann Gulch fire available to Laird and Maclean?

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