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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Fractional Note," what is described as getting worse?
(a) Aesthetics.
(b) Ethics.
(c) Art.
(d) People.

2. Where does the pretty girl live in "Late Late Late Poem"?
(a) Seattle.
(b) Malibu.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Detroit.

3. Chinaski tells the story of a jockey from which state in "Trying to Make It"?
(a) New York.
(b) Arizona.
(c) Colorado.
(d) Minnesota.

4. In "Sticks and Stones . . ." Chinaski responds to whom?
(a) Male critics.
(b) Young critics.
(c) Female critics.
(d) Old critics.

5. In "Gay Paree" what does Chinaski describe?
(a) Cafes.
(b) Bookstores.
(c) Hotels.
(d) Bars.

6. Which of the following is the name of one of the women in "Those Girls We Followed Home"?
(a) Irene.
(b) Scarlett.
(c) Iris.
(d) Liz.

7. During which event does "It's Funny, Isn't It? #1" take place?
(a) A wedding.
(b) A birthday party.
(c) A school dance.
(d) A concert.

8. What happens to Chinaski in "Everybody Talks Too Much"?
(a) He gets into a fight.
(b) He files for divorce.
(c) He is pulled over by a cop.
(d) He meets a woman at the bar.

9. Why does Chinaski think that many women go to bed with him in "Working"?
(a) He is smart.
(b) He is attractive.
(c) He doesn't know.
(d) He is nice.

10. In "About the PEN Conference," the author states that a writer without his typewriter is just a _________.
(a) Man.
(b) Professor.
(c) Madman.
(d) Artist.

11. In "The Shrinking Island," what does Chinaski give up on since he is drunk?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Reading.
(c) Typing.
(d) Eating.

12. In "You Get So Alone At Times . . ." how many pounds does Chinaski recall losing in order to get published?
(a) Seventy-five.
(b) Fifty.
(c) Five.
(d) Twenty-five.

13. In "The Boil," for whom does Chinaski work?
(a) Pepsi.
(b) Nabisco.
(c) Proctor & Gamble.
(d) Random House.

14. What is one of Chinaski's friends named in "Song"?
(a) Jordan.
(b) Janice.
(c) James.
(d) Julio.

15. Which is Bukowski's essential argument in "Fractional Note"?
(a) The real world does not exist.
(b) There are no certainties.
(c) There is no reason for faith.
(d) Love does not exist.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "I Thought the Stuff Tasted Worse than Usual," Chinaski smells like ____________.

2. Who is Philip Lamantia?

3. What point is made in "Trying to Make It"?

4. Chinaski describes Paris as a lovely city full of _______________.

5. Chinaski mentions that the lottery funds _____________.

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