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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yolanda think might be her reward for bravery?
(a) A black eye.
(b) A lecture from her mother.
(c) Stoney's admiration.
(d) An attack when she is walking alone and unprepared.

2. What does Yolanda do in dressing for the concert?
(a) Dresses like a boy so she will be safer sneaking around.
(b) Tries to make herself appear young and vulnerable.
(c) Dresses all in black so she can sneak around.
(d) Tries to look fashionable and wealthy.

3. Why does Yolanda say Shirley cannot learn to double dutch?
(a) Yolanda is ill and is no longer allowed to jump rope.
(b) Yolanda has taken a pledge to never reveal how to do it.
(c) Yolanda says her mother has forbidden her to jump rope anymore.
(d) Shirley's white and too short.

4. How is Vic helping Andrew?
(a) By helping Andrew learn to ride a bike.
(b) By taking Andrew to the museums to teach him to read.
(c) By using music to teach Andrew to read.
(d) By getting him music lessons with a well known teacher.

5. What does Yolanda's mother ask about Yolanda and her school?
(a) If she feels comfortable there.
(b) If Yolanda is happy.
(c) When Yolanda's grades will be mailed.
(d) If the classes are challenging enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yolanda suggest she and Andrew do?

2. What does Yolanda tell her mother she wants to be?

3. What does Yolanda say about Andrew's tendency in a large crowd?

4. What does Yolanda's mother ask about several days after their visit to the music store?

5. Why do Aunt Tiny and Yolanda's momma look confused?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Yolanda volunteer to reserve her family's seats for the concert that evening?

2. How does Yolanda feel after Shirley leaves and what does she say to her aunt Tiny about Shirley?

3. What does Yolanda do when she sees the bullies in Asphalt Hill?

4. What happens when Momma finally notices Andrew's new harmonica?

5. What does Aunt Tiny do for a living, and how does that help Yolanda's family?

6. What happens when Yolanda notices three men eying her momma?

7. What disturbs Yolanda about how Aunt Tiny fixes Yolanda's mother's hair?

8. How is Andrew responding to the new harmonica and what does Yolanda think will help him?

9. Why is Yolanda unable to listen as the concert opens?

10. What "epiphany" does Yolanda have when she is at the park?

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