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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yolanda's mother ask about Yolanda and her school?
(a) If the classes are challenging enough.
(b) If she feels comfortable there.
(c) If Yolanda is happy.
(d) When Yolanda's grades will be mailed.

2. What does Yolanda manage to do?
(a) Break her finger.
(b) Knock the air out of Foster so he couldn't breathe.
(c) Break foster's leg.
(d) Fight off three bullies at once.

3. Why does Yolanda not say goodbye to Shirley?
(a) Shirley is on vacation out of the state with her family.
(b) Yolanda is not speaking to Shirley.
(c) Shirley is ill with a contagious disease.
(d) Shirley is not speaking to Yolanda.

4. What does Yolanda say about Andrew's tendency in a large crowd?
(a) That he tends to wander off.
(b) That he gets scared.
(c) That he will not be around a large crowd.
(d) That he treats everyone like his best friend.

5. What inspires Yolanda for solving her dilemma about talking to a performer?
(a) Her Aunt Tiny suggests calling the performer ahead of time.
(b) The backstage manager walks onstage with a small, blond boy.
(c) Her momma knows the performer and says she will speak to him.
(d) She encounters a kind, wealthy woman who offers to help her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Yolanda feel as she is waiting at the concert that night?

2. Why doesn't Andrew have any stage fright when he goes to play for the music store owner?

3. What does Aunt Tiny always do when she visits?

4. What happens when the crowd gets loud?

5. With what does Yolanda threaten the bullies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Momma finally notices Andrew's new harmonica?

2. Why is Yolanda unable to listen as the concert opens?

3. Describe the exchange between Yolanda and Shirley in school concerning the jump rope.

4. How do Yolanda and Andrew play in their concert for Aunt Tiny and Yolanda's momma, and how do the two women respond to the performance?

5. What does Momma want Yolanda to study in college and what are Yolanda's ambitions?

6. How is Andrew responding to the new harmonica and what does Yolanda think will help him?

7. Why does Yolanda send Shirley away in a cruel manner?

8. What does Yolanda do when she sees the bullies in Asphalt Hill?

9. What "epiphany" does Yolanda have when she is at the park?

10. Why doesn't there seem to be any way back stage?

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