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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the concert being held?
(a) The city auditorium.
(b) The civic center.
(c) Grant Park.
(d) A high school stadium.

2. What inspires Yolanda for solving her dilemma about talking to a performer?
(a) She encounters a kind, wealthy woman who offers to help her.
(b) Her momma knows the performer and says she will speak to him.
(c) The backstage manager walks onstage with a small, blond boy.
(d) Her Aunt Tiny suggests calling the performer ahead of time.

3. What does Yolanda's momma want Yolanda to aspire to be someday?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A lawyer or judge.
(c) A policewoman.
(d) A scientist.

4. Why does Yolanda not say goodbye to Shirley?
(a) Yolanda is not speaking to Shirley.
(b) Shirley is on vacation out of the state with her family.
(c) Shirley is ill with a contagious disease.
(d) Shirley is not speaking to Yolanda.

5. What does Yolanda's mother ask about Yolanda and her school?
(a) When Yolanda's grades will be mailed.
(b) If the classes are challenging enough.
(c) If she feels comfortable there.
(d) If Yolanda is happy.

6. Where does Yolanda take Andrew after her encounter with Foster?
(a) An ice cream parlour.
(b) School.
(c) Stellars.
(d) Home.

7. What does Aunt Tiny say about Yolanda's piano playing?
(a) Not impressed.
(b) She thinks Yolanda needs to practice more.
(c) She thinks Yolanda is awful.
(d) She thinks Yolanda has great talent.

8. What does Andrew play for the store owner?
(a) The sounds of skaters during an ice hockey match.
(b) "Dixie."
(c) "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."
(d) The angry sounds of Yolanda's fury during the fight.

9. What does Aunt Tiny always do when she visits?
(a) Teaches them a new song or two.
(b) Has a present for Yolanda and Andrew.
(c) Fixes everyone's hair.
(d) Takes them out to dinner.

10. What is Yolanda's strongest trait to help her pull off her scheme?
(a) Her colorful personality.
(b) Her shyness.
(c) Her motivation to help Andrew.
(d) Her aggressive personality.

11. How does Yolanda's mother's hair look?
(a) It is unbraided and unbeaded.
(b) It is just a couple inches long.
(c) It is dyed red.
(d) It has dread locks with beads.

12. What is Yolanda looking for before the concert begins?
(a) Stoney.
(b) A way to get Andrew backstage.
(c) Her friend from Chicago.
(d) A way to distract her momma and Aunt Tiny.

13. Why does Yolanda have to pull off her scheme without her momma's help?
(a) Her momma has to stay to assist Aunt Tiny.
(b) Her momma dislikes the performer and would not want to meet him.
(c) Her momma would be embarrassed to do what Yolanda is doing.
(d) Her momma would not consider trying to get Andrew back stage.

14. What does Yolanda find in her search at the park?
(a) Two stage hands.
(b) Two security guards.
(c) Good seats.
(d) The performer.

15. How does Yolanda feel as she is waiting at the concert that night?
(a) Excited.
(b) Confident.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Fearful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yolanda tell Shirley?

2. Where is Yolanda's family going for a visit?

3. Why doesn't Andrew have any stage fright when he goes to play for the music store owner?

4. What does Yolanda do as the crowd gets rowdy?

5. What does Yolanda do at Grant Park?

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