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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the store agree to do?
(a) Let Andrew work for music lessons.
(b) Let Yolanda work off the price of the harmonica and give Andrew music lessons.
(c) Give the harmonica to Andrew for the discount price.
(d) Let Yolanda work off the rest of the price.

2. How does Yolanda enjoy the first concert?
(a) She thinks the musician is far less talented than Andrew.
(b) She does not even hear the first concert.
(c) Not at all as she is concentrating on her scheme.
(d) She is enthralled.

3. What inspires Yolanda for solving her dilemma about talking to a performer?
(a) Her momma knows the performer and says she will speak to him.
(b) She encounters a kind, wealthy woman who offers to help her.
(c) The backstage manager walks onstage with a small, blond boy.
(d) Her Aunt Tiny suggests calling the performer ahead of time.

4. With what does Yolanda threaten the bullies?
(a) Stealing their drugs.
(b) Her mother.
(c) The police.
(d) Her supposed relationship with Cool Breeze.

5. What comment from her mother upsets Yolanda terribly?
(a) That Andrew should concentrate on academics and not music.
(b) That Andrew is as far from a musical genius as one can get.
(c) That Yolanda and Andrew were making terrible noise.
(d) That Yolanda will go to live with Aunt Tiny in a better neighborhood.

6. What does Yolanda realize as she is watching musicians unload their instruments?
(a) That her momma knows nothing about jazz music.
(b) That Andrew should be on the stage.
(c) Nothing.
(d) That Andrew needs more instruments to play.

7. What is Yolanda doing when Shirley comes to visit?
(a) Having her hair fixed.
(b) Writing an essay for her homework.
(c) Trying to figure out how to get Andrew some drums.
(d) Baking a cake.

8. Why does Yolanda not say goodbye to Shirley?
(a) Shirley is not speaking to Yolanda.
(b) Shirley is on vacation out of the state with her family.
(c) Yolanda is not speaking to Shirley.
(d) Shirley is ill with a contagious disease.

9. Where does Yolanda take Andrew after her encounter with Foster?
(a) Stellars.
(b) School.
(c) An ice cream parlour.
(d) Home.

10. When is Aunt Tiny going to visit?
(a) She had just visited before the story opens.
(b) Yolanda is not sure.
(c) Within days.
(d) In several months.

11. What does Yolanda snack on during the car trip?
(a) Licorice.
(b) Malt balls.
(c) Sour balls.
(d) Chips.

12. Of what is Yolanda's mother not convinced concerning Andrew?
(a) His musical genius.
(b) His need for a different school.
(c) Not insisting upon his studying harder.
(d) His need for music lessons.

13. Where is Yolanda's family going for a visit?
(a) New York.
(b) Boston.
(c) New Orleans.
(d) Chicago.

14. How does Yolanda's mother dress when they go out to dinner?
(a) In a fairly matronly dress.
(b) In a dress that shows off her figure.
(c) In trendy capris and a tank top.
(d) In sloppy, wrinkled clothes.

15. What does Yolanda find in her search at the park?
(a) Two security guards.
(b) Good seats.
(c) The performer.
(d) Two stage hands.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the concert being held?

2. What does Yolanda lie about to the two women she is talking with at the park?

3. How does Yolanda expect her mother to react to the haircut in front of the kids?

4. How does Yolanda feel as she is waiting at the concert that night?

5. What does Yolanda say about Andrew's tendency in a large crowd?

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