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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Yolanda doing when Shirley comes to visit?
(a) Writing an essay for her homework.
(b) Trying to figure out how to get Andrew some drums.
(c) Having her hair fixed.
(d) Baking a cake.

2. What does Yolanda do when she notices three men looking at her mother in the restaurant?
(a) She goes over and speaks to them.
(b) She points them out to her mother and teases her.
(c) She says they are leaving the restaurant.
(d) She giggles.

3. What does Yolanda do as the crowd gets rowdy?
(a) Asks her aunt to please watch Andrew.
(b) Tells her mother she has to go to the bathroom.
(c) Grabs Andrew.
(d) Tells Andrew to stick close to his momma.

4. What does Andrew play for the store owner?
(a) "Dixie."
(b) The angry sounds of Yolanda's fury during the fight.
(c) "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."
(d) The sounds of skaters during an ice hockey match.

5. How does Yolanda's mother dress when they go out to dinner?
(a) In trendy capris and a tank top.
(b) In a dress that shows off her figure.
(c) In a fairly matronly dress.
(d) In sloppy, wrinkled clothes.

6. What does Yolanda's momma want Yolanda to aspire to be someday?
(a) A scientist.
(b) A policewoman.
(c) A lawyer or judge.
(d) A doctor.

7. How does Yolanda's mother's hair look?
(a) It is just a couple inches long.
(b) It has dread locks with beads.
(c) It is dyed red.
(d) It is unbraided and unbeaded.

8. What does Stoney Buxton call out to Yolanda?
(a) That she is in big trouble now.
(b) That he will watch her back.
(c) That he is going to tell the police about her attack.
(d) That she is amazing.

9. Why is Yolanda upset about what Stoney Buxton tells her?
(a) He is talented and attractive and she wishes he did not witness her actions.
(b) She knows that he means that he'll be watching for when her back is turned to attack.
(c) She is afraid of going to jail for assault.
(d) She knows the bullies will be looking for a way to retaliate.

10. What does Yolanda lie about to the two women she is talking with at the park?
(a) Not feeling well.
(b) Being asked to deliver something to the performer.
(c) Being kin to the performer.
(d) Her brother.

11. Why are there security guards around the stage area?
(a) There are no security guards.
(b) They are the performer's bodyguards.
(c) To keep people from going backstage.
(d) There has been a terrorist threat.

12. What does Yolanda suggest she and Andrew do?
(a) Try out for the special arts school.
(b) Both go to schools for geniuses.
(c) Give a concert for her momma and Aunt Tiny.
(d) Talk to each other and decide who will go live with Aunt Tiny.

13. When is Aunt Tiny going to visit?
(a) Yolanda is not sure.
(b) In several months.
(c) Within days.
(d) She had just visited before the story opens.

14. What cause Yolanda to become furious?
(a) Shirley saying she does not want to be friends any longer.
(b) Shirley saying she does not think Andrew is a genius.
(c) Yolanda's mother saying that Andrew needs to concentrate on his studies.
(d) Seeing the bullies the next day after they had broken Andrew's harmonica.

15. What does Yolanda do to Romulus Foster?
(a) Punches him in the stomach.
(b) Slams him into the ground.
(c) Kicks him in the shin.
(d) Slaps him in the face.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aunt Tiny say about Yolanda's piano playing?

2. What does the store owner think of Andrew's playing?

3. Where does Aunt Tiny work as a hairdresser?

4. Why do Aunt Tiny and Yolanda's momma look confused?

5. How is Vic helping Andrew?

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