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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will be better with the move?
(a) They will own their own home.
(b) It will costs less to live.
(c) The apartment will be bigger.
(d) The neighborhood will be safer.

2. What has Miss Gilluly given up trying to do?
(a) Getting her students to want to learn.
(b) Stop Yolanda from raising her hand in class so much.
(c) Get a promotion.
(d) Teach Andrew to read.

3. Where does Yolanda go on the bus?
(a) To Shirley's house.
(b) To visit her father.
(c) To see a friend.
(d) To buy Andrew a harmonica.

4. How does Andrew wake up the family in the mornings?
(a) Playing his drums.
(b) Singing to the radio.
(c) Playing the stereo loudly and dancing.
(d) Playing his flute or harmonica.

5. About what does Yolanda need to talk to someone?
(a) Her mother's illness.
(b) Her missing father.
(c) The possibility of Andrew being a genius.
(d) Her dead father.

6. What is wrong with Andrew's momma?
(a) She has a bad back.
(b) She is blind.
(c) She is always tired.
(d) She has bad arthritis.

7. Where is Andrew when Chapter 3 opens?
(a) At home playing his harmonica.
(b) In his class at school.
(c) On the park playground.
(d) At home sleeping.

8. What makes Yolanda feel better when she is thinking about her old home?
(a) Having her own room.
(b) The lake near her house.
(c) Going down to where musicians jam in the park.
(d) Andrew playing his instruments.

9. What tension is there at Asphalt Hill?
(a) Between the skaters and the basketball players.
(b) Between kids from different schools.
(c) Between Andrew and the drug dealers.
(d) Between the older boys and the younger boys.

10. Why is Andrew uninterested in the photograph?
(a) Andrew thinks the parasol is silly.
(b) The children in the photo do not resemble Andrew.
(c) Andrew is afraid of dogs.
(d) Andew does not care what happened several hundred years ago.

11. Who is Vic Watts?
(a) A black man called in to try to teach Andrew to read.
(b) Yolanda's English teacher.
(c) Yolanda's math teacher.
(d) Andrew's music teacher.

12. What does Yolanda do a lot of in the classroom?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Write notes.
(c) Talk to her neighbors.
(d) Raise her hand.

13. Who is Shirley Piper?
(a) Yolanda's favorite teacher.
(b) Yolanda's next-door neighbor.
(c) The principal at Yolanda's new school.
(d) A girl who saves a seat on the bus for Yolanda.

14. Where is Yolanda's old crush Tyrone?
(a) Federal prison.
(b) Jail.
(c) College.
(d) Army.

15. Who thinks Andrew is interfering with business?
(a) The skating rink manager.
(b) The hot dog vendor.
(c) The drug pushers.
(d) The blind, old man who plays who trumpet for money on the corner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What cheers Yolanda's spirits?

2. What lie has come back to haunt Yolanda?

3. How does Yolanda feel in her new home?

4. What picture does Miss Gilluly give Andrew and ask him what it is?

5. Of what does Yolanda try to convince herself as she runs to the park?

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