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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Shirley Piper?
(a) Yolanda's next-door neighbor.
(b) The principal at Yolanda's new school.
(c) A girl who saves a seat on the bus for Yolanda.
(d) Yolanda's favorite teacher.

2. What sounds does Andrew like to hear on Asphalt Hill?
(a) The wheels on concrete.
(b) The seagulls eating the garbage.
(c) The tires settling when they throw a new batch on the pile.
(d) The metal being smashed.

3. What word does Yolanda look up in the dictionary?
(a) Genius.
(b) Retard.
(c) Infantile.
(d) Intelligent.

4. Why doesn't Andrew feel connected to the sounds in the house?
(a) Because he has a cold and his ears are plugged.
(b) Because of not having his harmonica.
(c) He is asleep.
(d) Because there is a stranger making noise in the house with his sister.

5. Why does Yolanda look up the word?
(a) To have a smart rejoinder for the boy the next day.
(b) To figure out if she really is one.
(c) To compliment her mother with something nice.
(d) To have a comment to Andrew.

6. How often had Shirley checked on the cake?
(a) Every half hour.
(b) She forgot to check on it altogether.
(c) Every minute.
(d) Every five minutes.

7. Who is Stoney Buxton?
(a) A boy who is learning to play the flute.
(b) A boy who is learning harmonica also.
(c) A skater who says he does better when Andrew is playing his harmonica.
(d) A drug dealer in the neighborhood.

8. Why is Yolanda suspicious of Shirley?
(a) She thinks Shirley might want something in return for Shirley's kindness.
(b) She thinks Shirley is less popular than Yolanda so Shirley sits with her not to be alone.
(c) She thinks Shirley might make fun of Yolanda behind her back.
(d) Yolanda is not suspicious of Shirley.

9. Where does Yolanda's family live at the opening of the novel?
(a) Ann Arbor.
(b) Detroit.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Flint.

10. Why is Yolanda shouting at Andrew in the morning?
(a) She wants him to get up.
(b) She is mad that he messes up the bathroom.
(c) She is angry at him for leaving the house in the middle of the night.
(d) She has found his harmonica.

11. What does Momma always do for her children before leaving for work?
(a) Pray with them.
(b) Inspect them for the school day.
(c) Iron their clothes.
(d) Make breakfast.

12. What does Yolanda miss about her former home?
(a) Her very best friend.
(b) The sights, sounds and tastes.
(c) The public library which was a block away.
(d) The better schools.

13. What was Andrew told would help his Momma?
(a) Finding a husband.
(b) For her children to behave better.
(c) A vacation.
(d) Cocaine.

14. What lie has come back to haunt Yolanda?
(a) About her abilities as a psychic.
(b) About her father being dead.
(c) About her mother's supposed illness.
(d) About her abilities as a jump roper.

15. About what does Yolanda need to talk to someone?
(a) Her missing father.
(b) Her dead father.
(c) The possibility of Andrew being a genius.
(d) Her mother's illness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Miss Gilluly given up trying to do?

2. What does Yolanda suddenly remember when Shirley mentions Andrew?

3. Who thinks Andrew is interfering with business?

4. Where is Yolanda's old crush Tyrone?

5. For what is Andrew scolded?

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