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Carol Fenner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Momma always do for her children before leaving for work?
(a) Make breakfast.
(b) Inspect them for the school day.
(c) Pray with them.
(d) Iron their clothes.

2. Who is Romulus Foster?
(a) One of Andrew's classmates.
(b) One of the skaters who likes Andrew's playing.
(c) The leader of the drug pushers.
(d) A friend of Andrew's mother.

3. What does Yolanda discover in the middle of the night?
(a) The cake is in the garbage.
(b) Shirley is sleeping on the couch.
(c) Andrew is not in his bed.
(d) Her mom is sleeping on the couch.

4. What seat does Yolando take in her classroom?
(a) Where she is most visible to the teacher.
(b) As far back as possible.
(c) In the middle where she will blend in and not be noticed.
(d) Next to a boy who smiles at her.

5. Who is Willie Meredith?
(a) The janitor who brings the gun to school.
(b) A student who is shot dead.
(c) The janitor who is dead.
(d) The principal who is dead.

6. To what smell does Yolando wake?
(a) Fish frying and waffles sizzling.
(b) Bacon frying and pancakes cooking.
(c) Her dog breathing in her face.
(d) Tar when the road is being repaired.

7. Why doesn't Andrew feel connected to the sounds in the house?
(a) Because he has a cold and his ears are plugged.
(b) Because there is a stranger making noise in the house with his sister.
(c) He is asleep.
(d) Because of not having his harmonica.

8. What does Yolanda do to the biggest bully at school?
(a) Ruins his food.
(b) Asks him for a chess match.
(c) Wrestles him to the ground.
(d) Slaps him.

9. Why is Yolanda shouting at Andrew in the morning?
(a) She is mad that he messes up the bathroom.
(b) She is angry at him for leaving the house in the middle of the night.
(c) She wants him to get up.
(d) She has found his harmonica.

10. What has Miss Gilluly given up trying to do?
(a) Get a promotion.
(b) Teach Andrew to read.
(c) Getting her students to want to learn.
(d) Stop Yolanda from raising her hand in class so much.

11. What makes Yolanda feel better when she is thinking about her old home?
(a) Andrew playing his instruments.
(b) The lake near her house.
(c) Going down to where musicians jam in the park.
(d) Having her own room.

12. What is Yolanda yelling to Shirley as Yolanda rushes out of the house?
(a) To call Yolanda's mother.
(b) Directions to baking the cake.
(c) To lock the door when she leaves.
(d) To call the police.

13. What is Yolanda often called by the other students?
(a) Teacher's Mosquito.
(b) Brown noser.
(c) Miss Know It All.
(d) Teacher's Pet (Elephant).

14. How does Yolanda's mother's pestering figure into Yolanda getting to do something she likes to do?
(a) She'll offer to learn how to make a dinner meal if she can bake a cake for the dessert.
(b) She'll use the excuse of making friends to bake a cake for her friend.
(c) She'll clean her room for company and then bake a cake for her friend.
(d) She'll stop reading if she can bake a cake.

15. Who came into the school with a gun?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A student.
(c) A drug dealer.
(d) A janitor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Andrew told would help his Momma?

2. Who calls Yolanda this word?

3. Who is Shirley Piper?

4. What has Andrew be nicknamed by some of the boys that hang out at Asphalt Hill?

5. What sounds does Andrew like to hear on Asphalt Hill?

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