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Carol Fenner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 & 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other sound does Andrew like to hear on Asphalt Hill?
(a) The cries of the boys who take a hill too daringly.
(b) The Doberman pincher barking at intruders.
(c) The cry of frogs who live in the stagnant water inside the tires.
(d) The bulldozers moving the trash around.

2. What does Stoney Buxton call out to Yolanda?
(a) That she is in big trouble now.
(b) That he is going to tell the police about her attack.
(c) That she is amazing.
(d) That he will watch her back.

3. What does Aunt Tiny say about Yolanda's piano playing?
(a) Not impressed.
(b) She thinks Yolanda needs to practice more.
(c) She thinks Yolanda has great talent.
(d) She thinks Yolanda is awful.

4. What does Yolanda think about all day?
(a) Whether she really wants Shirley as a friend.
(b) Why Shirley is cozening up to her.
(c) The kind of cake she will make.
(d) How to manipulate her mother.

5. When is Aunt Tiny going to visit?
(a) Yolanda is not sure.
(b) She had just visited before the story opens.
(c) Within days.
(d) In several months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yolanda do for the first time in months?

2. What is Yolanda's mother always pestering her to do?

3. How does Andrew seem when Yolanda reaches him at the park?

4. Where does Yolanda's mother decide to move her family?

5. What is in an illustration that gives Andrew no motivation?

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