Yolonda's Genius Fun Activities

Carol Fenner
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Harmonica Playing

Learn about the history of the harmonica. Who are famous people who play(ed) the harmonica? What types of harmonicas are there? If possible, bring a harmonica to class and demonstrate how it is played.

Jump Rope Demonstration

Learn about double-dutch jump roping and give a demonstration of it to class. Where did double-dutch jump roping originate? Is jump roping still popular today?

Jazz Music

Yolanda says her mother knows nothing about jazz music--let's enlighten her! Learn about jazz music and bring several pieces to play for the class. Who are some of the most famous jazz musicians? Why does Yolanda think whites can't perform jazz music?

Bully Prevention Program

Create a bully prevention program and present the program to the class using posters, etc.


Yolanda wants to be a police officer. Learn about a career as a police officer or a career you are...

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