Yolonda's Genius Character Descriptions

Carol Fenner
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A very large, African-American girl with an unquenchable appetite.


This character is so talented that he can listen to any sound and play it on his harmonica.

Cool Breeze

The drug pusher that gave cocaine to seven-year-old Andrew.

Shirley Piper

Yolanda's only friend in Grand River, Michigan.

Aunt Tiny

Yolanda's gorgeously obese Aunt from Chicago.

Stoney Buxton

A skateboarder who practices at Asphalt Hill.

Romulus Foster

The bully and drug pusher who hangs out at Asphalt Hill in Grand River.


An over-sized African-American kid who looks like a wrestler.


This character has a pale white, ferret-looking face and is a sidekick of Romulus Foster.


The boy at Asphalt Hill that stops hanging around with drug pushers and starts hanging around Andrew to listen to the beautiful music from Andrew's harmonica.

Vic Watts

A speech therapist with a stutter who teaches Andrew to read...

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