Yolonda's Genius Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Carol Fenner
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Chapters 1 & 2

• The novel opens with Yolanda thinking about the two terrible things that have happened recently.

• A boy brought a gun to school and killed one student and wounded other students and a teacher.

• Yolanda's mother finds a bag of cocaine in Andrew's pocket, given to him by drug dealers and decides to take her children away from Chicago.

• In Grand River, Michigan, Yolanda's new home, she feels sad almost all the time.

• Yolanda misses her friends and the familiarity of the streets of her neighborhood in Chicago.

• Andrew's music comforts both Yolanda and her momma.

• Yolanda is picked upon by the other students on the bus because of her size, and she retaliates by intimidating the main bully.

• One student, Shirley Piper, is impressed with Yolanda's vocabulary and saves a seat on the bus for her.

• Even though Yolanda is tempted to discount Shirley because the girl...

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