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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anna's father do to Christopher Unwin during the night?
(a) Tries to infect him with the plague.
(b) Tries to bury him.
(c) Challenges him to a duel.
(d) Accuses Christopher of starting the plague.

2. What was Anna happy about when she went to sleep after going into the mine?
(a) That it was warming up outside.
(b) That the rector wasn't angry with her.
(c) That she had done something that came out right.
(d) That she had poppy to ease her pain.

3. What do the townspeople accuse Aphra of doing?
(a) Digging graves before the victims are dead.
(b) Performing hexes on the living.
(c) Selling people spells while disguised as Anys.
(d) Haunting the living with memories of their dead loved ones.

4. Why is Elinor looking through the Gowdies' herbs?
(a) She is actually looking for Anys's book of spells.
(b) She is burning the herbs because they are witchcraft.
(c) To see if she can find things that will strengthen the healthy against the plague.
(d) She is looking for more poppy.

5. Where is Elinor buried?
(a) In the churchyard.
(b) Her body is burned.
(c) At the Delf.
(d) Near the mine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anna notice about the will that the rector drew up for Jakob Merrill?

2. What did the Mowbrays do to their infant to protect it from the plague?

3. What does the armed woman have in her arms at the Thanksgiving service?

4. What predicament was Elinor in after her lover abandoned her?

5. What does Kate Talbot resort to in her desperation after seeing her husband's affliction?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Aphra kept overnight? What effect does this have on her? On the villagers?

2. Why doesn't Anna use the letter of introduction the rector wrote for her? What danger lurks for her if she isn't careful?

3. What color do the rector and Elinor wear to the Thanksgiving ceremony? What might this symbolize?

4. What child do Anna and Elinor help? What do they do to help this child?

5. What path has John Gordon taken? How does he meet his end?

6. Who does Anna see as she is trying to get water from her well? What new endeavor has he begun?

7. What does Elinor say when she is delirious? What might this mean? Why does the rector excuse Anna so curtly?

8. Whom does Anna ask for help with digging the graves? Why won't he help?

9. Why is Anna crying in the kitchen? How is it therapeutic for her to tell Elinor her feeling about her father?

10. Why is the rector exhausted during the chapter "Among Those that Go Down to the Pit"? What happens during his sermon?

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