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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to talk to the Bradfords while they are packing?
(a) Mary Hadfield.
(b) Rector Mompellion.
(c) Elinor Mompellion.
(d) Sam Frith.

2. What are Mary and Anna doing at the Hadfield residence in the chapter 'Rat-Fall'?
(a) Chopping wood.
(b) Washing clothes.
(c) Butchering a hog.
(d) Sewing.

3. What is the crowd told to do after they realize what they've done?
(a) Pray that God will protect them from more witches.
(b) Pray that God will forgive their actions.
(c) Burn the witch.
(d) Flee the village.

4. Why does Anna go to the tavern after Maggie comes back?
(a) To get a drink.
(b) To borrow a handcart.
(c) To see her father.
(d) To remember Sam.

5. What does Anna ask for to help during delivery of Mary's baby?
(a) Butter.
(b) Forceps.
(c) Chicken fat.
(d) Lotion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What method is used to save the first accused witch's life?

2. Why does Anna happen to be in the field where the crowd gathers?

3. What is Josiah doing when Anna gets to the tavern?

4. What does the Londoner tell the other diners during the Bradfords' dinner party?

5. Why does the name of the rector's horse cause a stir in the village?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who tries to help Anna as she takes care of Jamie? What does each of these acts show?

2. What confrontation ensues at the Bradford household after Mompellion's sermon? Is anything resolved?

3. Why is Anna surprised when the rector comes upon her in the field? How does the rector react to this?

4. How does Anna treat the visitor for the rector, who comes to the door? Why is this unusual?

5. Who comes to visit the rector in the beginning of the novel? What does he/she want?

6. What does Anna do to try to console the rector? How does he respond?

7. What defense does Anys employ when being accused of witchcraft? Why do you think she does this?

8. What was the relationship between Anys and George? How does Anna react to this?

9. What is the condition of the rector in the beginning of the novel?

10. What is the rector's plan for the village? Describe it in as much detail as possible.

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