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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Faith when Anna comes to visit Aphra?
(a) Dancing with her mother.
(b) Buried alive.
(c) In the rafters.
(d) Hanging on the wall, dead.

2. Why won't Aphra let Anna keep Faith until she recovers?
(a) She is afraid Anna has the plague and will give it to Faith.
(b) She is afraid Anna will badmouth her to her child.
(c) She is afraid Anna will kill Faith in revenge.
(d) She is afraid Faith has the plague.

3. How does Jane Martin's behavior change from the beginning of the novel?
(a) She becomes extremely devout.
(b) She changes religion.
(c) She becomes a recluse.
(d) She becomes promiscuous.

4. What happens to Elinor at the Thanksgiving service?
(a) She has a stroke.
(b) She is stabbed multiple times.
(c) She faints.
(d) Her throat is slit.

5. Whom does Anna think she sees when she tries to light a fire in the cottage?
(a) Anys Gowdie.
(b) Lib Hancock.
(c) Sam Frith.
(d) Mem Gowdie.

6. What is strange about the rector's reaction when he sees Elinor and Anna at the tavern?
(a) He opens his arms out as if to hug, then claps his hand together.
(b) He starts yelling at them for being stupid.
(c) He leans forward as if to kiss, then draws back.
(d) He begins to cry.

7. What do the rector and Anna see as they ride to the Gordon cottage?
(a) Jane Martin and John Gordon praying.
(b) Jane Martin and Albion Samweys copulating.
(c) Jane Martin whipping John Gordon.
(d) John Gordon whipping himself.

8. Who is the armed woman screaming at when she comes to the Thanksgiving service?
(a) Elinor.
(b) Anna.
(c) John Gordon.
(d) The rector.

9. Whose cockerel does Anna see in her yard one morning?
(a) The rector's.
(b) Elinor's.
(c) Aphra's.
(d) Andrew Merrick's.

10. What business does the rector take care of before mourning Elinor's death?
(a) Goes to Elinor's father to tell the news.
(b) Carves a gravestone.
(c) Cuts his hair and burns it.
(d) Opens up the road and writes the plague has passed.

11. What does Anna try to do for the rector but is unable?
(a) Shave the rector.
(b) Dress the rector.
(c) Persuade the rector to visit Elinor's grave.
(d) Cut the rector's hair.

12. What does John Gordon begin to do to try to ward off the plague?
(a) He renounces all religion and becomes an atheist.
(b) He begins to pray at plague stricken bedsides.
(c) He becomes a priest.
(d) He becomes a flagellant.

13. What did the Mowbrays do to their infant to protect it from the plague?
(a) Hung the infant from the ceiling.
(b) Left him out in the cold overnight.
(c) Performed a hex on the baby.
(d) Passed it through a bramble hedge.

14. What is the condition of Anna's father when they find him?
(a) Dead, eaten by animals.
(b) Alive, but with hypothermia.
(c) Dead from self-inflicted wounds.
(d) Alive, but deranged.

15. Where is Elinor buried?
(a) Her body is burned.
(b) At the Delf.
(c) Near the mine.
(d) In the churchyard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes running toward the group in the middle of the Thanksgiving service?

2. What one topic do the rector and Elinor have a difference about?

3. Who is dragged to the meeting at the Delf dressed in black?

4. What is strange about Christopher Unwin's condition?

5. Why is Anna disgusted with the rector?

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