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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Anna embarrassed to see the rector when she is in the meadow with her children?
(a) She is breastfeeding.
(b) The rector is singing.
(c) Anna is naked.
(d) The rector should be in church.

2. What question does Anna ask herself while sitting with Maggie?
(a) Why Maggie has to die of the plague; she always lived so healthfully.
(b) Why a good person like Maggie suffers while her father wastes away in his drunkenness.
(c) Why Maggie was able to save a child, but not hers.
(d) Why a good person like Maggie cannot find a place to live.

3. What is the main argument of the rector's sermon after the scene at the old mine?
(a) That the village should stay and contain the plague.
(b) That there is no hope; they will all die together in the village.
(c) That those who are well should flee to a healthy village.
(d) That God is punishing them for their sins.

4. What does Anna do for the Bradfords?
(a) Serves during parties.
(b) Does field work.
(c) Cooks.
(d) Cleans daily.

5. What does Anna discover about the baby still inside Mary Daniel?
(a) The baby is deformed.
(b) There is no baby.
(c) The baby is backwards.
(d) The baby is dead.

6. What does Anna say they should not give Mary during her labor?
(a) Tea.
(b) A doctor.
(c) Poppy.
(d) Water.

7. What happens to Edward Cooper after he plays in the wood pile?
(a) He dies.
(b) He goes into a coma.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He only has a fever, and follows the doctor's orders.

8. Who does Anna talk with on her way to the Bradfords?
(a) George Viccars.
(b) Lib Hancock.
(c) Sam Frith.
(d) Michael Mompellion.

9. What evidence does Mary Hadfield have to accuse the victim of witchcraft?
(a) Mary says she saw the witch on her broom.
(b) Mary says she saw the witch floating in the water.
(c) Mary says she whispered a curse on her son Edward.
(d) Mary says the herbs she gave her killed her son Edward.

10. What realization does Anna come to while listening to the Colonel?
(a) That Elizabeth Bradford has the plague.
(b) That the rector is wrong.
(c) That Colonel Bradford is actually a very generous and kind man.
(d) That she has nowhere to go and nothing to protect or hope for.

11. How did Sam die?
(a) In a mining accident.
(b) In a riding accident.
(c) From the flu.
(d) From the plague.

12. What does the crowd do to the accused witch?
(a) They hang her from a tree.
(b) They tie her up and throw her in the water to see if she sinks.
(c) They beat her to death.
(d) They take her to trial.

13. What comes from London for Mr. Viccars?
(a) A book.
(b) A box of cloth.
(c) A new sewing kit.
(d) Tea.

14. What is different about the young Martin girl?
(a) She is very smart.
(b) She is very vivacious.
(c) She is very Puritan and stern.
(d) She lacks common sense.

15. What did George tell Anna to do with his possessions?
(a) Burn them all.
(b) Bury them with him.
(c) Sell them.
(d) Throw them away.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Anna afraid of helping deliver Mary Daniel's baby?

2. Why does Anna happen to be in the field where the crowd gathers?

3. What are Mary and Anna doing at the Hadfield residence in the chapter 'Rat-Fall'?

4. Who came back with Maggie when she returned to the village?

5. What is the crowd told to do after they realize what they've done?

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