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Geraldine Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the name of the rector's horse cause a stir in the village?
(a) Because rectors should not have horses.
(b) Because it is the name of a pagan idol.
(c) Because the do not believe in naming horses.
(d) Because it means something bad.

2. Who does Anna talk with on her way to the Bradfords?
(a) George Viccars.
(b) Michael Mompellion.
(c) Sam Frith.
(d) Lib Hancock.

3. How does Anys help Jamie when he is sick?
(a) Anys rubs Jamie with salve to cool him down.
(b) Anys sings to Jamie until he falls asleep.
(c) Anys performs witchcraft to cure Jamie of the plague.
(d) Anys gives Jamie water when he needs it.

4. Who summons Anna for help when Mary Daniel is in labor?
(a) Mary's husband, Randoll.
(b) Anys.
(c) The rector.
(d) Elinor.

5. Who is integral to the rector's plan for the village?
(a) The earl of Chatsworth.
(b) Colonel Bradford.
(c) Anna Frith.
(d) Anys Gowdie.

6. What were Edward and Jamie playing with in the wood pile?
(a) Caterpillars.
(b) Rotten wood.
(c) Snakes.
(d) Dead rats.

7. What is the crowd told to do after they realize what they've done?
(a) Pray that God will forgive their actions.
(b) Pray that God will protect them from more witches.
(c) Flee the village.
(d) Burn the witch.

8. What realization does Anna come to while listening to the Colonel?
(a) That she has nowhere to go and nothing to protect or hope for.
(b) That Elizabeth Bradford has the plague.
(c) That the rector is wrong.
(d) That Colonel Bradford is actually a very generous and kind man.

9. Why does Maggie Cantwell come for Anna's help?
(a) The Bradfords are leaving; she needs help getting her things.
(b) She has traveled to the village to help Anna, and needs a place to stay.
(c) She has come looking for George.
(d) She is accused of being a witch and needs somewhere to hide.

10. What surprise does Jamie have for Anna at the cottage?
(a) A painting.
(b) A warm dinner.
(c) A new dress.
(d) A shower of rose petals.

11. What rank is Henry Bradford?
(a) General.
(b) Sergeant.
(c) Colonel.
(d) Rector.

12. What method is used to save the first accused witch's life?
(a) Shock therapy.
(b) No method.
(c) Prayer.
(d) CPR.

13. What does Anna do for the Bradfords?
(a) Does field work.
(b) Cooks.
(c) Cleans daily.
(d) Serves during parties.

14. What did George tell Anna to do with his possessions?
(a) Throw them away.
(b) Sell them.
(c) Bury them with him.
(d) Burn them all.

15. What is Maggie's condition when she returns to the village after leaving the Bradfords?
(a) It appears she had a stroke; she is unable to control one side of her body.
(b) She is healthy, but no one will take her in.
(c) She is happy; she has found a cure for the plague.
(d) She is stricken with the plague.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Sam die?

2. What punishment does Anna compare the plague to?

3. What does Anna feed the horse?

4. What was strange about the autumn?

5. How does Jamie help Anna in the field?

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