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Geraldine Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sign of a Witch.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Sam die?
(a) In a mining accident.
(b) From the plague.
(c) From the flu.
(d) In a riding accident.

2. Who is screaming when Anna wakes up after falling asleep with Tom?
(a) Anna.
(b) Mem.
(c) Anys.
(d) Aphra.

3. What does the narrator do with the apples?
(a) Bites into one.
(b) Slices one very thin and takes it to the rector.
(c) Tramples them for cider.
(d) Makes a pie with them.

4. Why does Anna happen to be in the field where the crowd gathers?
(a) The rector wants to meet her there.
(b) She is tending to her sheep.
(c) She hears there is a witch in the village and runs to meet them.
(d) She goes there to think about Sam.

5. What does Mr. Mompellion say the villages with the plague should do?
(a) Flee to cleaner air.
(b) Pray for forgiveness.
(c) Warn neighboring villages.
(d) Stay and fight the disease.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Anna and her children find in the field?

2. Who comes to rescue the first accused witch?

3. What did George tell Anna to do with his possessions?

4. Who carries Mr. Viccars' body downstairs?

5. What punishment does Anna compare the plague to?

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