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Geraldine Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Poppies of Lethe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Anna think she sees when she tries to light a fire in the cottage?
(a) Sam Frith.
(b) Anys Gowdie.
(c) Mem Gowdie.
(d) Lib Hancock.

2. What happens to Mem Gowdie after the encounter at the old mine?
(a) She leaves the village and survives.
(b) She is severely sick from her near-drowning and dies.
(c) She gets the plague and dies.
(d) She is killed because she is thought to be a witch.

3. What does Anna see when she wakes up and goes outside after her substance-induced sleep?
(a) Anys Gowdie standing in her garden.
(b) A large snowfall preventing her from going to the rectory.
(c) Sally Maston standing in the doorway, her parents dying from the plague.
(d) Elinor standing outside her door.

4. Why is Mem on her way to the Hadfields when Anna goes to see her?
(a) She is going for a visit.
(b) She is going to help butcher a hog.
(c) She is delivering a draught to Edward, who has a fever.
(d) She is delivering bread.

5. What happened to Kate Talbot's husband?
(a) He burned his plague sore with a hot iron.
(b) He died in a mining accident.
(c) Kate burned him when they got into an argument.
(d) He abandoned his family, afraid of the plague.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is very vocal about their doubts as to the rector's plan?

2. Why is Anna embarrassed to see the rector when she is in the meadow with her children?

3. What is Josiah doing when Anna gets to the tavern?

4. Why does Anna run home after the altercation with her father?

5. Why is Elinor looking through the Gowdies' herbs?

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