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Geraldine Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Press of Their Ghosts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What conclusion does Anna come to about the plague after leaving the Mowbrays?
(a) The plague was sent to weed out the weak.
(b) The plague is neither God nor Devil, but nature.
(c) The plague is not nature or God, but the Devil.
(d) The plague is not the Devil or nature, but God.

2. What do Anna and her children find in the field?
(a) A dead lamb.
(b) A ewe in labor.
(c) A newborn lamb.
(d) A dead ewe.

3. Why does Anna throw Elinor and Michael's plates against the wall?
(a) She is envious of Elinor and the rector's relationship.
(b) She hears Elinor is dead.
(c) They have the plague.
(d) She is angry with the cook.

4. Why is Anna crying in the rectory kitchen?
(a) Anna is crying for all the dead children.
(b) Anna is crying for her father.
(c) Anna is crying for Elinor's unborn child.
(d) Anna is crying because she is in love with the rector.

5. What sad marker does the town come upon in June?
(a) None of the answers if correct.
(b) There are more people in the ground than above it.
(c) Plague free for six months.
(d) There are more people above ground than in it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who came back with Maggie when she returned to the village?

2. What was in the pot the Mowbrays were boiling?

3. What are Mary and Anna doing at the Hadfield residence in the chapter 'Rat-Fall'?

4. What were Edward and Jamie playing with in the wood pile?

5. Why is Anna embarrassed to see the rector when she is in the meadow with her children?

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