Objects & Places from Year of Wonders

Geraldine Brooks
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Plague Village

A map at the front of the book indicates this place is in central England, and where most of the novel takes place. Most of the citizens here are shepherds, lead miners, and cobblers.


Anna works as a maid at here and especially likes Elinor's splendid garden.

Anna's Cottage

This place is humble, like most in the village, containing a pallet of straw for a bed, a kitchen and a fireplace.

Gowdies' Cottage

The village midwives and health care specialists lived here, prior to their murder.

Bradford Hall

This place is the epitome of the country elite, full of grand furnishings, stables and servants.

Boundary Stone

This marker on the edge of the village is where supplies are brought in and news of those who have died is given out.

Cucklett Delf

This is an outdoor area where villagers meet in warmer weather instead of...

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