Year of Wonders Character Descriptions

Geraldine Brooks
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Anna Frith

The main character in the novel, this character finds her calling in medicine and simultaneously questions her faith during this coming of age story.

Michael Mompellion

This character is a rector who convinces the villagers to isolate themselves during the plague, only realizing the consequences of this decision after the death of his wife and devastation of the village.

Elinor Mompellion

This character provides a motherly love for the main character and a guiding presence until she is murdered the day the plague ends.

George Viccars

This character is a tailor who is thought to be responsible for the plague as fabric he ordered from England was thought to be tainted with the virus.

Sam Frith

This character was married to the main character before he died in a mining accident.

Jamie and Tom Frith

These characters are the offspring of the main character, who doted...

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